Associating Homework As a Positive Activity Of The Day

Does your school-going kiddo give every excuse to escape homework? After spending 5-7 hours in school, we bet no one would want to allocate time again to opening their books and revising what was taught in class. However, the harsh truth is that homework plays a very important role in achieving study goals and therefore it is an essential practice for all to inculcate.

Here are a few reasons to back up your intentions of following a routine for homework;

  • Students stay on par with what is being taught in classrooms and don’t fall behind.
  • Retention is possible only with practice and homework is the best bet a student can get.
  • It teaches children discipline because every day they have to allocate time to do studies at home without fussing about it.
  • Responsibility and onus come with maturity. But when children learn to account for their studies, they realize how important it is to perform in school, for which they will need to be self-motivated.
  • Time management is not just learnt in renowned Business Institutes, but it starts early in school. Allocating the right amount of time to studies and recreation is the only way forward and a stepping stone to success for one’s future endeavors.

Smart Homework Routines for Gen-Zs

#1 Choose Your Spot Wisely

A noisy living room where other family members often watch Television is not such an ideal spot to study. Convert your mom or dad’s office area into a study room by evening, such that there is no distraction. If there is no dedicated space in your home for a separate study area, just set up a desk and chair in your child’s bedroom, thereby ensuring peace of mind to concentrate adequately. Often metropolitan regions within GCC have small houses, as rentals are pretty high, so a make-do study in the bedroom works just fine.

#2 Keep phones out of sight

Social media and online gaming are such an addiction that diverts our minds and we lose track of time. Without even realizing it, one spends hours browsing through the net. But when something as serious as studies are concerned, parents need to be a little mindful and ask their budding scholars to deposit their phones and tabs in a safe-keep locker or cupboard. This will avoid head-turns and pauses at every notification that appears on the device and the focus will solely be on completing homework.

#3 Finish off The Difficult Tasks First

The attention span of students is pretty short and thus, we must urge them to start with the difficult or boring Math problems and Science formulas that they need to learn. Enthusiasm dies down as the number of hours, pass by, behind the study desk. At the beginning of the homework session, it is a great time to start core learning and leave the other simpler checkboxes for later. Reading Eggs is an excellent platform that makes homework fun and engaging for students. Even difficult topics like blending and segmentation in Phonics are taught using attractive graphics in a game-like manner. Who said homework has to be bland? Add a dash of glamour to your studies by opting for a subscription to Reading Eggs, which is highly popular in the Middle East.

#4 Make a To-Do list

It’s not possible to study all subjects in one day and thus, it helps if you have a to-do list handy. Make columns and write down the name of the subject, chapter, and reference material you would be using. We’ve heard the phrase ‘Well begun is half done’, so let us ensure to pre-plan the homework by making a to-do list. Since digitization is apparent in cities like Dubai, students can use an App to make to-do’s and even set notification reminders to achieve the goal of completing a certain chunk of studies. Now that the STEM curriculum is adhered to by most schools in the UAE, it’s not just History, Science, and English, that one has to focus on, but also devote time to study Technology & Engineering related topics.

After trying all the above tips, if your child is still not game for after-school homework, try out incentivizing them. Allow them one hour of outdoor play, provided they finish their studies, or prepare a favorite meal for your child so that it gives him a boost of motivation.

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