Matatalab – How does a Map Work?

Certainly, everyone can remember a time when there was no Google Maps. Childhood trips out of town in the family car were made memorable by stopping and asking total strangers and locals the way to your destination. Making a list of the landmarks on the way and ticking them off the list one-by-one as the trip progressed. All the little joys of life that turned into great childhood memories for us. And then, cut to 2005 when the world was introduced to Google Maps – an app that would get people from point A to point B in the shortest and quickest way. It is now used by over 1 billion people throughout the world. Google Maps was made available in the UAE app store for iPhone and Android users in 2013. Ever since then, commuting and travelling have become almost impossible without it.

Google Maps is a wonderful invention that guides you to your destination while giving you the most accurate details down to the minute concerning the traffic situation en route, alternate routes and stops along the way such as gas stations and places to eat. It even includes the modes of transport such as bikes, taxis, private cars or public transport systems in the Middle East.

Google Maps users have always wondered how it manages to maintain its accuracy. The details it displays and the tiny lanes it guides you through feel nothing short of magical. The service is powered by a complex system of algorithms, data collection, and user inputs that work together to create a detailed map of the world. When it comes to the GCC region, Google Maps is an essential tool for users who want to navigate the city and surrounding areas. This data is then used to create a detailed map of the world that is constantly updated with new information. At its core, Google Maps works by collecting data from multiple sources, including satellite imagery, user inputs, and third-party providers. The service uses a mix of GPS, Wi-Fi and cell tower triangulation to pinpoint the user’s location and provide accurate directions. One of the most impressive features of Google Maps is its ability to provide real-time traffic updates. This feature is particularly useful in Dubai, where traffic can be notoriously congested. Google Maps uses a combination of data from traffic sensors, user inputs, and historical data to provide users with accurate traffic information. The service can even suggest alternative routes to help users avoid traffic congestion. Another feature of Google Maps that is useful is its ability to provide information on public transportation. The service provides users with information on bus and train schedules, as well as the location of nearby stations. This is particularly useful for tourists and visitors who may not be familiar with the city’s public transportation system.

Google Maps is a highly sophisticated mapping service that provides users with accurate and real-time navigation information. Its comprehensive abilities make it a reliable tool for users. With its real-time traffic updates, public transportation information, and accurate directions, Google Maps is an essential tool for anyone navigating the city and surrounding areas.

The user interface of Google Maps is a combination of coding languages such as JavaScript. The backend which is responsible for processing and storing the vast amounts of data used to create the maps is built using a variety of technologies and programming languages such as C++, Java and Python. Learning programming and coding languages is a must-have skill for every child today as the future depends on it and increasingly so.

Matatalab is a coding platform that originated in 2017 by a team of 4 developers. It teaches children how to code using simple logic and robotics and bridges the gap between the virtual and physical aspects of computer programming. Matatalabs’ tangible software design uses blocks to create a chain of code which in due course leads to a program. Children are more confident to be able to absorb computer science concepts as they use their hands to build and see how it finally works.

Learning coding through Matatalab will set your children off on a journey that can culminate in them designing useful apps such as Google Maps and bringing to life the unthinkable.

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