Top Skills Required To Be A Digital Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing has become one of the most in-demand jobs, where there is a requirement for over 860,000 skilled professionals who can handle social media pages for the brand and run various campaigns. All brands rely heavily on Digital resources to gain visibility and reach out to their target audiences. Companies pay heavily to hire competent Digital Marketing experts from MBA colleges and specialists who can create a sustained impact for the brands since major marketing spends are now being allocated towards online activities.

So, this brings us to the question, what are the skills required to succeed as a Digital Marketer, and how to ace up your game to compete with others?

#1 Content Writing and Editing

We are familiar with the phrase content is the king and why not wouldn’t it be? Content formats may vary, some may be in the form of a Blog while others may be video content. However, the baseline is that one must be well-versed in content writing and have a flair for writing creatively, to beat the competition. The essentials required to be a good content creator include; being able to conduct thorough research, understanding your target audiences, and including versatility in your writing styles, such that the copy is plagiarism free and makes for an interesting read. As important as it is to write beautifully, ensuring that the spellings are correct and the article is error-free is the need of the hour. Visitors come back to your pages only when they are educated by meaningful content, which is why having editing skills helps manifold.

The TechnoAdvertise curriculum by TechnoKids is an amazing start to discovering one’s interest in digital career opportunities, as school students can learn to curate their personalized Ads using Microsoft Office tools and Graphic Design skills.

TechnoKids has been providing a platform to engage students in computer science activities since 2015 and is popular in Dubai markets. Even the TechnoEditor module is a top seller in UAE and allows kids to edit publications and try their hands at editing at an early age.

#2 SEO and SEM

Online businesses are thriving thanks to the easy search options on Google. Companies are taking efforts to get the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords right so that their page appears in the top searches. Google keeps upgrading its algorithm and as a Digital Marketer, it is vital to keep abreast of all the trending SEO technicalities, to capitalize on searches to the max.

Knowledge about Metadata, tags, titles, descriptions, and links, needs to be on point, to spruce up your game plan. All members of the SEO team need to be technically well-versed and function with dynamism, to quickly change strategies and adapt to new ones, whenever the need arises.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a way to promote your product by investing in online ‘paid Ads’. It creates a pull within the digital space by showcasing your ‘sponsored’ content to viewers, thereby navigating them to your landing page. Grabbing the attention of users via creative Ads and banners is what is expected from an SEM expert. Global audiences can be targeted at low costs, thereby a Real Estate broker from the Middle East can publicize properties to home seekers in America, to get relevant inquiries.

#3 Data Analytics

All your Digital Marketing efforts need to be validated by results and hence getting into Data Analytics is a must. Top-level management expects the team to prepare a map and explain the digital journey of the product or brand, to know what can be done further to improve a campaign’s effectiveness. Matrices such as CPC (cost per click), site traffic, conversion rate, cost per lead, click-through rate, bounce rate, etc have to be presented and understood. Learning about customers happens only when you derive the right information from the data and use it to tweak your proposition.

The TechnoKids projects are curated with special teacher’s guide and student workbooks for GCC and other regions, so as to make computer lessons, such as TechnoReasearch, TechnoJournal, and others, extremely easy to understand while giving exposure to real-world scenarios to school-going students.

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