Create an Effective Feedback Mechanism in Your School

An effective feedback mechanism in GCC schools is paramount for its successful functioning. It is the cornerstone of the learning process and helps to ensure that students are able to reach their full potential. An effective feedback mechanism should be designed to ensure that teachers can provide a timely, accurate and relevant response to student progress. It also helps the students to understand their progress better and make the necessary changes to excel by focusing their efforts accordingly. This mechanism establishes clear expectations from students. This can be done by setting specific goals for each student. Once goals are established, regular feedback helps keep them motivated and on track to achieving their goals. One popularly used method is called the ‘Feedback Sandwich’ where you ‘compliment, correct and then compliment again.

A good feedback mechanism should involve everyone in the school system. It should invite timely and relevant feedback from the teachers, staff, students and even the parents. This will help the school to identify all the areas of improvement, both in the teaching and administrative practices. The feedback must also be timely and consistent. It should be collected on a regular basis to ensure that all the issues are addressed in a timely manner. The feedback received should be properly analysed and action should be taken accordingly. Comments that are written below the grade aid in a better understanding of the evaluation. This will help to identify the areas of improvement, and to devise strategies to effect necessary changes within the education system. The response should also be shared with the teachers and staff to help them understand the students better and ensure that they take corrective actions. It is important that a safe and supportive environment for discussing feedback is created so that students feel comfortable and they take things seriously. Finally, the feedback should be used to reward the staff and teachers who have taken the necessary steps to improve the school. An effective feedback mechanism and positive reinforcement in Middle East schools can be a great tool to improve the educational system and help students reach their full potential by striving for excellence.

Schools in Dubai believe firmly in the fact that having a good, constructive feedback system that works both ways, encourages students to be more accountable for their actions. Additionally, a healthy critique of the student’s attitude and behaviour will help to foster a sense of responsibility in the students and the overall development of the students.

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