Introducing Children to Zoo Animals Is Now Made Magical, With The Newest- Rugs Alive

Technology has been embraced in so many ways and it has proved to be very beneficial and convenient. It has grown from strength to strength, especially in the field of education.

Online technology is reshaping the classroom experience. Teachers have new tools at their disposal which allow them to offer a quicker, standardised teaching experience to the children than pen and paper. Digitalization offers myriad options for tailor-made educational solutions for each student’s strengths and weaknesses, interests and pace of learning. These kinds of online tools make the learning environment flexible and less daunting for the child as learning is made fun with the use of characters and games and he can pick up from where he left off from school as well as home.

Augmented Reality is one such feature that is taking the education world by storm, especially in Dubai and becoming more and more popular in the learning experience for children. Visual cues have always led to a better understanding of the concept than just reading it in a textbook. Earlier videos were used with textbooks and now characters or environments are brought to life using virtual reality to give an almost real-life experience.

Alive Studios Zoo is a company run by Cynthia and Ron Kaye that has developed 3D-reality technology to create an unbelievable learning experience for early learners. This patented technology requires no 3D glasses to have the 3D experience. Their goal is to use technology to increase engagement and knowledge. Resources from Alive Studios are being used widely across America and even Middle East regions, have spread to 26 other countries worldwide. It is fast becoming one of the favoured apps for digital learning. An ingenious offering by Alive Studios Zoo is the Rugs Alive App. This app is created to help pre-schoolers in UAE with collaboration, communication, and concepts of STEM.

Rugs Aline is a colourful classroom rug that comes to life when paired with the Rugs Alive Mobile App. The Kit contains the Rug, Habitat cards for the animals and Magical Zoo Coins. Classroom rugs are available in different sizes and shapes to suit your classroom.

You will find 26 zoo animals on this rug with matching habitat cards and coins. You can download the mobile app on any device and bring to life these animals and learn about their habitat. All you need to do is scan the habitat card and you will find an augmented-reality version of the animal on the rug right in front of you. By scanning the Magical Zoo Coins, you can view a smaller version of the animal standing right on your palm. Children can learn about how this animal moves, what it eats and other various information about the animal. The most exciting part for the children is to be so close to the animal and take fun pictures with them. The rug also includes the alphabet song through which they can learn the alphabet. Rugs Alive entertainingly enlightens children and teaches them about animals and their habitats around the world, upper case and lower-case letters and collaborating with their peers over their findings. They can enjoy other STEM and SEL-related activities as well in the GCC region. This app is the perfect complement to other apps such as the Journals and Letters Alive app.

This app is found to have increased student attentiveness and involvement and encourages learning. Children are motivated to learn and are excited to be with the animals every day.

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