Games Like Treasure Hunt and Marine Biology Survey – Induce Deeper Knowledge

During my growing-up years in Dubai, my mother would write small clues and hide them all around the house. Then my friends and I would split up into teams and find the treasure. This was our favourite game as it would give us a chance to explore the great outdoors and the clues would be so mentally stimulating or sometimes even humorous, that we would spend time mulling over them or excitedly laughing over their hilarity. That’s my earliest memory of the much-loved game of treasure hunting; which has now become a very interesting career for some, given advancements in technology and expertise.

Playing this game is organised in many childcare centres in the Middle East as it not only keeps the children distracted but also enhances their self-confidence and problem-solving skills. It encourages them to work in teams and creates bonds between the players. Rewards and discoveries instill a sense of achievement within the players while solving the mysteries makes them more confident in taking up future challenges.

For the uninitiated, Treasure Hunt is a game where you are provided with clues, one leading to the other. The final clue leads you to the treasure. The first person to retrieve the treasure wins. Alternatively, the simpler form is to hand over a list to the players and the first team or person to get all the items from that list is declared the winner.

Playing this game with kids helps them develop patience and social skills. They need to decipher the cryptic clues and not give up when they get stuck as the whole game depends on each clue. If there is a participant team, each player gets a turn to read and solve the clue. So patiently waiting your turn is key. Being completed focused while the others are having their turn is also vital as you could contribute your thinking skills or creativity and win the game together as a team. Reading maps or clues, following directions and navigating them, teach the children many necessary life skills such as listening and concentration. Playing this game bolsters the very important requisite of social skills. They learn how to communicate effectively and act responsibly. Working in the outdoors is also a great opportunity, especially in the UAE to explore nature and get some fresh air and exercise – A much-needed change from hours of screen time.

Robotify, which is an online platform aims at teaching children coding and believes in the bright future of automation. They aim at providing accessible and affordable learning for all. It is a popular brand used in schools throughout the GCC. Introducing this platform to the children can free up the parents’ time while also giving your children something fun and intuitive to focus on. Building on the age-old game of treasure hunting, Robotify introduces its new course called The Underwater World of Treasure Hunter where you explore the depths of the ocean in a remotely operated vehicle – The Robot LIR. Similar to the original, you will explore, collect data and clues and come across sunken pirate ships and deep-sea creatures in addition to a dark abyss holding a giant secret.

This new course from Robotify also introduces the children to a career in Marine Biology. Without the use of any external hardware, the learner is introduced to the underwater world and the magic it holds. He can use functions, loops, and variables to control the robot exploring the ocean. The learner needs to collect, store, and retrieve data thereby learning to program and at the same time much about life underwater.

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