Benefits of One-on-one Math Class

It is generally observed that out of many subjects, children find Math most difficult, and it happens to be quite a tough cookie to crack. It is the never-ending numbers, tricky formulae, complex diagrams, confusing theorems, intense calculations, and mind-boggling equations that baffle them. The teachers much as they give importance to every child in a group class, yet it may not be possible to clear the littlest of the queries each kid may have. Here is when the significance of a one-on-one Math class comes into play. Individual care has the highest benefit to a child. The teacher assists solo and the undivided attention that the child receives helps him or her ace Math like no other. It would then not be as hard and would become a favourite topic. In the current digital age, where online learning is at the helm, such a kind of a personal interaction can have the child understand the concepts best, not have any fear or doubts and can achieve amazing results. Educators today are working earnestly to go the extra mile and meet the international standards so that they can give the greatest knowledge to a child. Mathseeds is one such intelligent programme. They are based out of Dubai in the UAE and are also present in the GCC region and other Middle East sectors. This award-winning programme for kids aged 3 to 9, gives them the enjoyment, interaction and lessons that are rewarding since they teach foundational math’s and problem-solving skills while nurturing an early love for this subject. Mathseeds combines structured one on one lessons and highly motivational elements that keep children engaged and they are matched to the perfect lesson of their ability. Let us see some benefits of a one-on-one Math class.

Personal Interaction

The one-on-one communication between the student and the teacher helps bridge the gap between them. In a group, the teacher may or may not be able to develop an absolute close rapport with each child. In this set up, the teacher is clearly able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of his/her student and develop a healthy bond towards greater learning. The teacher can be physically present teaching individually in person at home, off school hours, or can teach online via popular methods of communication like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, or other video call apps. Remote learning gives the advantage of flexible hours. The child is thoroughly comfortable in its environment rather than being one amongst many in a class and can easily communicate with the tutor.

Doubts Solved Effortlessly

In a class, a student may sometimes hesitate to ask a question. They may get shy or awkward or feel their question or query might be silly or not worthy to be asked. Hence, they will not be able to clear their doubts. The calibre of students also varies. Some children might have to be taught a concept again due to their inability to grasp quickly in the first go, after it has been taught in class once. The repetition may slow the pace of the entire class and the smarter students may tend to mock the weaker children. Awkwardness and repetition are major factors for students not being able to communicate everything with their teacher and clear their concepts. Hence, in a one-on-one class there is no fear of asking as many times as possible or however small the doubt may be, the teacher will happily make the child understand Math. This personal interaction raises the child’s intellectuality and confidence. Of course, once that is achieved conquering Math becomes a smooth journey.

Online Resources are Plenty

Vast amount of information can be shared via online mediums. Offline too there are plenty of additional books available, however as compared to that online has better resources in terms of pdf documents, powerpoint presentations, excel files, to be shared. In a class, due to restricted time, a teacher can cover only the required elements of Math. While in online one-on-one learning a teacher can share more knowledge with the child with a plethora of resources and online tools that are definitely a blessing towards the finest learning be it Math or any subject. The additional tips and shortcuts to learning Math quickly and grasping concepts better can be done more so in a one-on-one format with these interactive online tools.


Cost Effectivity

Offline one-on-one learning may get a little pricey however the advantages are numerous. The same one-on-one concept online is even more powerful and affordable as it saves travel time. Teacher and student can connect together from the comfort of their respective locations.

Math for All

Learning is for life and is not restricted to just children and while being in school. If someone has missed elementary studying for whatever reason or if a person even wants to brush up certain Math concepts at a later age for an exam or to elevate personal knowledge, one-on-one online learning proves to be very beneficial. The teacher can cater amazingly as per the needs of the student and Math can be taught beautifully, not making it a gruelling subject for anyone. When one has a wonderful teacher, to personally teach, no subject in the world would be ever tough.

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