Skills Needed To Be a Good Computer Teacher

Computer Labs in Schools used to be a recreational centre for 90’s kids. The session included exploring ‘MS Paint’ application and trying to discover the functionality of ‘MS Word’. The scope of learning was limited to text bookish knowledge about what the hardware and software components of a computer system are. However, the scenario has changed drastically, today.

As per the STEM curriculum, followed by most schools in Dubai and other regions of the Middle East, Technology is an important subject and students spend considerable amount of time working around projects in the computer lab. According to the level of grade the child is in, the subject knowledge keeps getting deeper. That’s because, we live in a world today, where technology plays a major role, and hence, it is beneficial to embrace it at an early age, preparing young adults to be job-ready. Technology also keeps us up-to-date with the latest trends and instils a sense of confidence to speak about it with peers and the community at large.

The following topics are useful to students from a practical point of view and are touch upon in classrooms:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Security
  • Coding
  • Robotics
  • IOT
  • Data Analysis
  • Big Data
  • Gaming
  • Computer Graphics ….and much more

Skills Required to be an Efficient Computer Teacher in K-12 Schools

Classrooms have become smart with use of whiteboards, tabs, and laptops for each child in the UAE. Besides basic, typing and browsing the internet, students actually get their assignments online and are even graded basis the submission. A computer teacher therefor, has a very important role to play in schools. She has to be fully skilled and well-versed with technology, besides having classroom management skills, which are a must!

A Love For Technology and Research

Needless to mention, the educator herself/himself, needs to live-by and love-by the rules of technology. While having all basics in place, the teacher needs to have the hunger to keep exploring and learning about the latest software and hardware topics. Saying on top of the game and conducting research is a part of the job. Technology keeps changing at rapid place, so knowing what’s going on and quickly learning about it helps to pass on the knowledge to students and prepare them for the future.

Observing Classroom Behavior

This goes without saying! A teacher must know how to control and positively channelize the energy of young tech enthusiasts, so that she can abstract the most out of students. Discipline is a must, but so is having fun! The lessons should be made interesting and interactive. Platforms like TechnoKids are used by teachers to support classroom learning and present important computer topics in a gamified manner. TechnoKids is designed for K-12 students in GCC and world over, keeping in mind the student’s level of preparedness and age. New-age topics that are covered under their modules include; web designing, animation, data analytics, graphics, and much more.

Communication Skills

Students must be able to grasp what the teacher is trying to convey, and hence, strong communication skills are a must. Building a strong teacher-child relationship, goes a long way. The student must feel free to ask questions and seek advice, for which the educator must portray a friendly demeanor. Positive interactions help increase understanding and improve relation with the student body.

Good Organization Skills

‘With organization, comes empowerment.’ There is so much activity that goes on, in a school and having to teach students of different grades, can become quite tricky. Therefore, maintaining proper schedules, journaling what is being taught in class, making notes on the progress of the individual students & the entire classroom, helps the teacher keep her calm. Assignments are an important part of the learning process, thus keeping test papers ready and making use of LMS (Learning Management Software), helps maintain proper decorum during exam schedules.

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