Coding Helps Get Admission In Colleges & Universities of Your Choice

Universities are more likely to accept high school pupils who add “computer science” on their application for a variety of reasons. No matter if it is indicated as their intended major, it is more crucial that the student demonstrate how they have used their coding talents in an internship and invested time outside of the classroom to advance their programming abilities.


We must first consider this from the viewpoint of the college in order to see why this is. A college is a business, and companies like to brag about success-signifying numbers. Therefore, top institutions have always placed a strong emphasis on three key metrics: average graduating wage, employment rate for the graduating class, and admittance rate. The number of students majoring in STEM-related fields has, however, just become a new statistic that institutions are beginning to provide. Regardless of acceptance rates, this is the rationale for institutions’ efforts to enroll prospective STEM students, particularly those in computer science. This is a result of the robust job market, which has an employment rate of over 90% and a typical beginning salary in New York City of approximately $90,000.

The next logical question should be: How do I let a college know that I am a student not only interested but have a high likelihood that I will graduate with a major in computer science? Now that we understand the colleges’ motivation for wanting to accept students who are more inclined to study a STEM focused major. This is crucial to note since the rate of major transfers or dropouts for computer science majors is astronomically high. The success of your application depends on how you communicate in your application that you are serious about this major and did not simply click the box next to it. Colleges are attempting to fight this.

This advice is for any student looking to gain a competitive edge in the application process, not just engineering students, so keep in mind that at most top business or liberal arts schools various STEM majors are offered. This will help you convince colleges that you are serious about pursuing a STEM major or minor. In addition to demonstrating that they have taken programming classes in school, a student must also demonstrate that they have spent their summers attempting to enhance their coding skills and that they have used their programming expertise to land internships.

CodeMonkey thinks that traditional learning methods should be challenged and that the development of new learning tools will ensure the success of educational systems across the GCC and Middle East. In order to provide engaging and successful learning experiences, we prioritize user experience and engagement while designing our products. They encourage in-depth technological and pedagogical knowledge, and the end result is a solution that instructors can use without hesitation and students adore. Since they first learned to code as fourth graders in the 1990s, they have been aware of the importance of code literacy for a child’s future. Based on Jonathan’s successful experiences teaching young children to code through engaging activities, CodeMonkey was established in 2014. Today, millions of learners from cities in the UAE such as Dubai, Abu Bhabi and all over the world benefit from the fun, knowledge, and opportunities provided by CodeMonkey.

Two fundamental objectives drive these projects. The first is to include students in hands-on learning while teaching them to code in an open, cooperative atmosphere. The second is to assist students in putting together a portfolio of their work that they may present to institutions or potential internship providers for future summers.

The future generations of coders will be born and reared in a world where learning is fun. By playing games together, working out problems, inventing, producing, and sharing, we want to provide an engaging platform where 21st century skills and programming knowledge can both be learned.

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