Fostering Imagination & Nurturing Curiosity In Children:

The Building Blocks to Success

Imagination is the beginning of invention. It can transport you to any place and bring ideas to life. Children are intrinsically imaginative. Their imagination helps them gain confidence and a sense of regulation and they begin to see things differently. They begin to question things they don’t understand. It is imperative that teachers and parents alike nurture the child’s curiosity and imagination to bring ideas to fruition.

MatataLab is reshaping the world and harnessing the power of children’s imagination by guiding them to master technology in an easy way. It has been determined to provide cognitive and creative technology tools through which children between the ages of 3 to 9 years can learn coding. In Dubai as well as the rest of the UAE, Matatalab’s coding robots have grown from strength to strength and become a much sought-after tool, for kindergarteners, elementary schools, and educational establishments for their ground-breaking STEAM educational solutions.

Middle East schools believe that learning that takes place in collaboration with the students themselves is essential to their educational journeys. Students who are not imaginative or creative can experience trouble envisaging beyond the standard and reality. Most GCC schools have harnessed the advantages of imaginative play or dramatic expositions into subjects and topics taught at school in place of imparting textbook knowledge.

They have found that a deeper knowledge of the topic permeates the classroom when topics are approached in this manner. Imaginative play also helps to build communication skills and social interactions as children experiment with language and communication with their peers. Help your child enhance his fantasy world by inventing scenarios for him where he can test the limits of his capabilities. You may also encourage reading all sorts of books which develop reading and learning skills and participate in all subjects of the curriculum.

Similarly, translating the same topics into art and having a ‘wall of art’ will allow children to construct a complete fantasy world around the images they view and transport them to that imaginary world.

Every invention that we are grateful for today was once part of the imagination of a creative little boy or girl. When a child grows up imagining a world without physical limits, he often sees things in a new light and achieves the unthinkable. Encourage your child to play with open-ended educative toys such MatataLab’s Tale_Bot Pro Program, which helps students between ages 3-5 years to practice hands-on coding. It also provides Add-on features that complement one’s learning and skill development. The Artist Add-On is great to extract some creativity from your child, while the Musician Add-On converts your little one into a pianist & allows him to compose lovely music. Imaginative play using the MatataLab kit allows kids to hone coding skills and be creative. A perfect win-win!

As parents, you can help spark the creativity and imagination of your child by showing an active interest when they share stories about their day as well as by asking questions that prompt them to think and ponder about alternate solutions. Questions like ‘What if…’ or “How else…” plant seeds of alternate options in a child’s mind and from where they can take off in a completely new direction. By asking questions and showing an interest, the child learns that sharing his thoughts and stories is not scary and he feels less inhibited about sharing. Adopt the role of a cheerleader in the time you spend with your child and try shedding the role of a judge as far as you can. Encouraging feedback is the key here.

In conclusion, the next time that your child comes to you with a handful of play dough or a bucket full of building blocks, take time out to encourage the endless play options rather than tell him you have chores to complete yet. And if the chores simply cannot wait, then there is always MatataLab, the online platform which encourages learning for your child using technology in the same educational and fun manner.

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