Tips to Curate an Effective Video Advertisement

Video content is taking over the internet and social media by storm. An average consumer watches around 5 hours of video content on YouTube & other social media platforms per day and that’s quite a lot of time & dedication one invests each day.

What are video advertisements?

Video content is easy to consume and has a better recall, as it combines audio-visuals and graphic content which drives the precise information across in less than 13 minutes of watch time. Marketers keep aside a sufficient chunk of their advertising expenses for promoting video Ad content to targeted viewers.

Here are a few tips to make Videos appealing

#1 Personalize Messages

For a brand to stand out and attract attention, personalization offers far more scope as it creates a unique experience that consumers may have not received from any other source. Stats suggest that 90% of users are more likely to purchase products that resonate with their tastes and likings while seeking positive advantages that they are looking for from products or services. Personalization offers the opportunity to initiate a great conversation, establish deeper connections, increase brand credibility not only in GCC but all across the globe, and earn trust too.

#2 Keep It Short

Short and high-impact are the two important tips that you need to keep in mind. Best Ads are those that present creativity and take the audiences by surprise, within 15 seconds to a max of up to 2 minutes. This data is backed by research and survey results are in favor of content being 30 seconds or lower, so if you are thinking otherwise, we advise not to waste time, energy, money & resources on asking your video editor to add too many details and lengthy messages, which no one would be interested in reading anyways.

#3 Master the Art of Storytelling

Direct selling a product like a sales pitch via an advt. is not a good idea. People want to be entertained and at the same time be touched by stories that resonate with their lives. It depends on what your product is, but some messages that really touch people’s hearts are about stories that depict; a win after a failure, developing bonds with real friends & family in this fast-paced age of digitalization, and those that break stereotypes & go beyond societal stigmas. On the other hand, starting a wacky trend & adding some upbeat tunes to the Ad, also works just fine. Be imaginative, think out-of-the-box, and make the video as fun as possible.

#4 Include a Call-to-action

Now that your audiences have seen and appreciated your Ad, what next? A call to action feature is included at the end of the video so that one can take the action of clicking on a link and visiting the product landing page or service offering website. If you’re running a special offer, then instead of going through the long process of visiting the site and then navigating to the sales page, you can get people to directly reach the link.

TechnoCommerial by TechnoKids

To make your kids Media Savvy from an early age, the TechnoKids program presents to you the TechnoCommercial course. It is readily available for students in Dubai and other regions of the Middle East, and its salient features are as follows;

  • Be a pro at media analysis by doing some research about current trends and imagining how best students would like to incorporate the same in their projects.
  • Participants get an opportunity to use video equipment tools and blender to learn & cultivate their editing and video marketing skills.
  • Alongside mastering the art of creating meaningful commercials, children develop critical thinking skills, and problem-solving abilities, which are very much part & parcel of today’s STEM curriculum, practiced across schools in UAE.
  • While working with other co-creators in class, children brush up on their communication skills and learn to work in teams.
  • A reel story is taught in a proper manner as it would be done in real life. This includes stages such as; identifying the target group, adding video effects, music & transition slides, doing an actual recording with a camera, creating a storyboard, including voice-overs, and finally going live!

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