The Future Is Here With Drone Technology.

Students Learn to Code One In Their Classrooms.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh, it’s a drone! Drones are the coolest delivery technology that’s more like a vehicle that moves from place A to place B, carrying objects around. Jeff Bezos, ex-CEO of Amazon took everyone by surprise when he used drones to carry products bought on his e-commerce website to customers, way back in 2013. Logistically, it makes perfect sense to get your parcel delivered to your homes in under 30 minutes, by avoiding all traffic that could possibly delay the process. An excellent last-mile delivery option indeed! But is this a sustainable option? Read the Blog to find out more. 


Reaching Remote Areas 

In rural parts of small towns & villages, where road access is a problem, drones are an absolute necessity. They can deliver products of up to 5 lb (2.27 kg) of weight to farmers and workers who are far from cities.

Hovering Cellphone Towers  

Drones can reach places where it isn’t feasible to install a cellphone tower. Essentially, you can call these ‘flying cellphone towers’ where a 4G router is attached to the body of the drone and provides connectivity to hundreds of internet users over 20-30 miles.

Environmentally Friendly 

According to statistics, a single vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. We definitely need to find a way to reduce road traffic to be able to save the environment for good. Logistics firms are looking for solutions to reduce their carbon footprint, so what better method than switching to drones? In reference to an article published on, drones consumed up to 94% less energy per parcel than jumbo diesel trucks did. The ultimate conclusion is reduced energy consumption per delivery in lesser time.

Capturing Aerial Images 

Impressive pictures get more social media views and get users excited about the display. The Real Estate sector has been using drones in a big manner to show off their property from different angles. Prospective buyers get a better view of the property and the chances of a sale are higher. Also, since drones can fly over areas where a photographer can’t reach, great landscape images & videos can be captured in 360-degree view in full HD quality. From the sand dunes in the Middle East to the remote Islands of Iceland, a drone can capture it all. 

Robotify’s Module on Delivery Drones 

Robotify is a platform widely used by education institutes in Dubai & other GCC regions, and other developed regions of the world, to promote coding and encourage STEAM learning in classrooms. This virtual platform currently offers 100 hours of robotics and programming courses to budding tech enthusiasts in a game-like manner. 

Take-away learning points for students, apart from trying their hands-on coding a delivery drone virtually: 

What is UAS? 

The abbreviation UAS stands for an Unnamed Aircraft System that can be maneuvered or controlled remotely from the ground. Such drones have also been used for tricky rescue operations to locate missing persons or objects and provide aid during disaster relief work. In fact, regions like the UAE are investing heavily in drones and smart weapons to stay ahead of other nations. 

What are Drone Sensors?  

Drones also have autonomous functionality, where it doesn’t require a person to navigate them from the ground. Drones make use of air pressure sensors to stabilize their flight and hover safely without any chance of accidents. 

What is UAV? 

UAV means an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, and it operates using AI (Artificial Intelligence). These drones fly autonomously via an onboard autopilot computer powered by pre-programmed sensors. The drone is able to independently take off, land, and do its job with precision. 

Explain a UTM Project. 

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) initiated & manages the UTM (Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management) project to manage air traffic to make drone journeys safer and prevent any mishaps. 

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