Lego® Education Solutions Make a Perfect Gifting Kit For School Going Students This Christmas Season

Christmas celebrations are incomplete without secret Santa being generous and handing over a present to kids. The festival of Christmas is synonymous with exchanging gifts and this culture has been followed through over the years. It is no surprise for children to expect some toys & snacks from their admirers. In fact, most children get so excited about the upcoming month of December, that they start preparing their wish lists a month in advance, hoping they would get all that they’ve asked for.

As fun as it is to receive presents, you would agree that the process of gifting is kind of stressful. Parents get anxious about the whole gifting process, as everyone’s preferences are different, and choosing an ideal present that will make the receiver happy, is a difficult task to fulfill.

It takes maturity to understand that a present is given from the heart and irrespective of what’s inside the box, one must appreciate it and be grateful for the thoughtfulness. We would first like to highlight a few good reasons that indicate why seasonal presents are so important;  

  • When you gift someone, it shows that you care for each other  
  • It is an act of kindness, no matter if you don’t get one in return  
  • It spreads joy and cheer around  
  • Happy memories stay with the person far after the festive season is over 
  • One learns to be grateful for all that they have and develops a habit of being thankful  

Meaningful gifting brings some reason to the season! We want our children to use the presents long after they have been presented with them, and therefore putting some thought before placing an order on Amazon will be worth the effort. Toys are a favorite for everyone, but it’s best when they add some value & support the child’s development.

What are LEGO® Education kits? 

LEGO® Education is based on a hands-on learning approach, where students get to study important concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) by building models and powering them digitally, to support the school’s curriculum and retain knowledge through activities. For over 3 decades, LEGO® Education has been partnering with teachers & educators to deliver playful learning experiences that make classroom-learning fun and impactful in the Middle East, and other regions of the world. Through these kits, children get an opportunity to experiment, learn by doing, develop creativity, and build problem-solving capabilities. If you think about it, these kits are perfect examples of gifting and a better valuable option rather than spending money on soft toys, accessories, or showpieces. Let us learn about the different sets available for sale in Dubai, and even orderable online, around the world.

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LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential Set:

Suitable for elementary grade students (5 to 10 years), this BricQ Motion Essential Set will teach budding science enthusiasts the most important principles of physics; force and motion. Students conduct practical examinations to check what effects ‘push’ and ‘pull’ have on different objects under different circumstances. The experiments will help students make predictions more accurately and solve problems more promptly, not by mugging the formula, but by reasoning out the results. Most schools in the UAE, have made special arrangements in classrooms to include these kits as a part of studies and dedicate some time to children to discover cool “aha” moments.


LEGO® Education Spike Prime Set: 

For middle school children aged (11-13 years), this is a perfect gifting solution. The kit is very attractive with as many as 528 colorful lego elements and they are marked safe for usage as its non-toxic. Essentially, children feel extremely proud of experiencing working with multi-port Hubs, cool coding languages, and programmable software based on Scratch, getting an opportunity to translate their theory skills into workable models. The kit comes with instruction manuals and usually, each session is for 45 minutes duration. You can bring one home and order it anywhere in the GCC region, to support STEM studies at home with friends.

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