Cultivating an Interest in Coding: One Storybook at a Time

Thinking of ways to offer some motivation to your kids to join a coding class? We have a perfect solution for you. Books have the power to create a longstanding impact and positively influence readers, so, here’s a collection of Coding storybooks that you can gift your little ones.

How to Code a Roller-coaster by Josh Funk

It is a story about a little girl called Pearl and her Robot friend Pascal, who are very adventurous by nature and love to explore new opportunities. They are enjoying their day at the amusement park by participating in fun games, one after the other; but their eyes are set on this one ride the ‘Python Coaster’. Each ride requires a coupon, so Pearl saves one for her favorite roller-coaster ride. She & her Robot friend await patiently and with the help of coding skills, calculate when the entry line will be the shortest so that they get a chance to enter the biggest ride of the park – the Python Coaster. Will you join their coding journey and hunt for hidden codes, if & then sequences, and variables?


Ara the Star Engineer by Komal Singh

With the advent of the STEAM curriculum in schools across Dubai and other associated regions of the Middle East, children need to be introduced to technology at an early age. Ara the Star Engineer is a book about a bright little girl who aspires to count all the stars in the sky one day. But how is that possible, you would wonder? Ara and her robot droid DeeDee are on a mission to accomplish an important algorithm and solve the problem of ‘counting starts in the sky’. This takes them to different locations – Data Centers, X-Space, Coding Pods, & Ideas Lab, and also get a chance to interact with real-life women who are ‘tech heroes’ namely; Tenacious Troubleshooter, Intrepid Innovator, Code Commander, and Prolific Problem Solver. Together, they toil, build, and test, until they discover the correct way to go about writing the algorithm. There are some interesting hands-on activities to follow, which makes it an even more interesting read.

How to Code a Sandcastle by Josh Funk

And yet again, Josh Funk introduces us to the fun side of coding by revealing humorous verses and colorful illustrations, from his book ‘How to Code a Sandcastle’. This time Pearl and her robot buddy Pascal need to build a sandcastle before summer vacation is over. The twist in the plot is that the sandcastle has to be designed and constructed using coding language. Imagine how brain-wrecking and enriching this experience is going to be! As children read through the story, they learn to sequence, loop, and break down the sandcastle problem into small manageable steps, until a functional code is created. Children who have acquainted themselves with coding facts learnt on the CodeMonkey platform, will truly enjoy reading this book and find the coding problems relatable. CodeMonkey has made its way to every child’s (ages 4 to 14) coding class and is admired by students in GCC regions, for its game-like activities.

Girls Who Code: Learn to Code and Change the World by Reshma Sujani

Can a computer language change the world? Well, clearly, we can see how the advent of technology is taking over our lives and making it easier for us to thrive. This book is apt for today’s day & age and has even become the New York Times Bestseller! The book is more than just a coding journal because it showcases real-world ‘girl power’ by gaining support from women such as; Sheryl Sandberg and Malala Yousafzai. ‘Girls Who Code’ started as an initiative by owner Reshma Sujani in 2012 to inspire and motivate girls across America to learn to code. Conquering over 40,000 young women wasn’t enough and so the book is now available to audiences world over, including the UAE regions. This book is a pleasure to read with dynamic artworks, simple explanations of coding principles, and real stories of women working at Pixar and NASA. So, are you ready to create your own app, game, and software, that will take over the world?

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