Fostering a Love for Math with Classic Stories

Children love stories and look forward to their 10-minute story time session with teachers and parents each day. Through stories, they meet different characters, learn new ideas, and even further expand their imagination. Illustrious picture books are captivating and inspires our little ones to become creative thinkers. Math on the other hand is the least favorite subject for most of us. How can math be made more meaningful to kids? Read through this Blog to discover some storybooks that integrate math learning and vocabulary, through pictures, songs, and rhyming words.

What Time is It Tim?

A simple storybook that helps children understand the concept of Time. The characters in the book are interesting and the scenes are relatable, as they are a part of the child’s everyday life. Best suited for children of age group 2 years to 5 years.

100 bugs a counting book - Book by Kate Narita (Author), Suzanne Kaufman (Illustrator)

100 Bugs! A Counting Book

Kate Narita (Author), Suzanne Kaufman (Illustrator)

Who says counting isn’t fun? Packed with thrilling adventure and mysterious revelations, this book keeps children fascinated from beginning to end. Join the young lad and his sister, as they set off to find different kinds of bugs and count them in sets of 10. As you proceed, you will discover different ways of counting to 10, until you finally reach the magic figure of 100! Alongside counting, our curious learners learn about different species of plants & names of bugs.

My Granny Went to Market 

Stella Blackstone (Author), Christopher Corr (Illustrator)

We’ve heard Aladdin loves to fly around on his magic carpet, but now it’s granny’s turn! In this book, granny uses a carpet to travel the globe exploring cities and regions, while collecting different kinds of souvenirs. It makes for an enchanting read, with rhyming verse and colorful illustrations. So, hop onto the carpet with dear granny and travel the globe.

Round Is a Tortilla: A Book of Shapes by Roseanne Thong (Author), John Parra (Illustrator)

Round Is a Tortilla: A Book of Shapes

Roseanne Thong (Author), John Parra (Illustrator)

Shapes are all around us! Our earth is spherical, the pizza slice is triangle shaped, and the television is a rectangle. This book ‘Round Is a Tortilla’ focuses on introducing kids to a variety of objects and draws the attention of the reader towards identifying different shapes. Shape by shape, you playfully notice that the bar of ice cream is a rectangle, and quesadillas form triangles, similar to the piece of watermelon. Can you think of anything that is oval in shape? Every now & then in the book, you will also find some Spanish words, which can be translated as a passing reference to add to your child’s vocabulary. The book is indeed written with a witty sense of humor and the verses make for a delightful read.

One Is a Snail Ten Is a Crab

One Is a Snail, Ten Is a Crab A Counting by Feet Book

April Pulley Sayre (Author), Jeff Sayre (Author), Randy Cecil (Illustrator)

If you are a seasoned educator, you would have probably picked this one for story telling sessions and discussed it with kids during circle time. Most Dubai and other GCC region based IB schools have this book on their library shelf. As you flip through the pages, the characters become more real and you feel a sense of involvement. It is indeed super fun learning counting and multiplication with big feet and small feet and meeting people, spiders, dogs, and insects, on the way- from 1 to 100! If you are a seasoned educator, you would have probably picked this one for storytelling sessions and discussed it with kids during circle time.

Inch by Inch

Leo Lionni (Author, Illustrator)

This book features a smart ‘inchworm’ who can measure almost anything. It can measure the flamingo’s neck, the robin’s tail, and the beak of the toucan. But one day a nightingale threatens to eat the inchworm if he is unable to measure its song. To know how cleverly the inchworm manages this situation, read the book and find out for yourself.


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