Imbibing Creativity with Coding Skills

Our 21st-century learners need to be creative, because we can witness today our world is gravitating towards creativity and one no more needs to be an Engineer or a Doctor to earn money. Creative professions are evolving, and many aspirants are treading this unconventional route by making vocation their full-time career opportunity. But that doesn’t mean that creativity can’t be applied to mainstream job opportunities.

Why Do We Need to Be Creative?

Creativity helps us solve problems more easily and be innovative. Creative people don’t have to strive so hard to generate novel ideas! When creative ideas are implemented, it leads to new product development or improves the way people work, maximizing efficiency.

Across all industries, ingenuity is highly appreciated, and companies prefer to hire talented individuals who have proved their worth by accomplishing something with their creative skills.

Here are some facts that will help strengthen your resolve towards opting to develop your creative skills even further;

  • Creativity helps you to process what you are learning in school or at work in a shorter span, such that the learning process is faster & more efficient.
  • It helps broaden your horizons by using alternate ways of thinking.
  • We know that each one of us is unique! Creativity helps you discover your uniqueness so that you can shine in this world & do great things.
  • Creativity keeps you motivated and instills confidence to prove your worth.
  • It even breaks the mundaneness and sparks joy & positivity within the individual.

Coding can lead to Creativity

Does coding have to do anything with creativity? Can a preschooler find his ‘eye for creativity’ by learning to code? According to stats, it is proved that 58% of students in grades 6-8 were able to develop their creative skills, just by taking-up coding classes. With the STEAM curriculum being fully integrated into schools across the globe including Dubai, coding has become like just another subject.

Coding a robot sounds fun, doesn’t it? Coding also helps build cool things such as gaming apps, virtual simulators, interactive websites, and other cool stuff that we use extensively today.

Our friend ‘Alexa’ was invented with coding capabilities and creative intelligence; to help us stream music & manage our daily schedules more effectively. Like a family member, she never falters to remind us of ‘play dates’ or ‘important meetings.

The above points prove that coding needs some level of creativity, and by practicing to code we can further explore our creative talents & use it in other areas of our lives.


Learning to Code Artistically

When children enter preschool, they are naturally curious and find ways to discover the world around them. Introducing coding at this phase of their lives proves beneficial as kids then grow-up liking the subject even more and simultaneously discovering their creative skills. Matatalab provides a holistic screenless coding platform for children of ages 4 and up to foster talent. Their hands-on coding sets available in UAE are amusing and keep children engaged for a long time. The MatataBot can do different things; including making art! Yes, children can use arrow keys to navigate the Bot and make some wonderful art on paper.

So, use your imagination and command the MatataBot to create scenes, design shapes, and bring your imagination to life.

Gone are those days when budding artists needed to draw & sketch themselves! It is now possible to make art via a Robot. The Matatalab Sets are available for sale in GCC & across the Middle East by simply reaching out to us.

Some schools even host Art Competitions by allowing kids to use MataBots and challenge them to conquer different levels, by expecting more sophisticated & complex artworks. Afterall, the right coding Robot opens up a world of creativity for your child.

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