Coding a Robot is The First Choice For Most, Rather Than Subscribing To App-Based Coding

Coding is now a mandatory subject in most schools, especially in advanced regions of Dubai and other Middle East countries. Just as kids can’t escape from learning English and Geography, computer and coding literacy is a must, with the advent of the STEAM curriculum. So, what exactly is the STEAM approach? To make studies more relevant in today’s fast-paced world, educators focus on imparting knowledge about Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Arts, and Math, which are the pillars on which the modern-age job market sustains & thrives.

As a parent, it is apparent that you would be concerned about how to get the best out of coding from your child. Should you sign-up for an extra-school coding class? Does self-learning through videos help? Are there any special coaching classes that teach coding? Our phones are loaded with Educative Apps that are easy to download, but they kind of become addictive, thereby compelling the child to spend hours playing games & competing with their peers by participating in virtual competitions. Learning to code via a mobile App is a good idea, as it is inexpensive, and most of these apps are free, allowing kids to consume content in bite-sized pieces. These coding platforms blend entertainment and learning, such that students don’t feel bored and come back for more.

Having said that, coding cannot be learned from an app entirely. There are so many intricacies involved in the way, that more than anything else, one needs to practice programming through hands-on lessons and apply concepts practically. Especially for young kids, it makes more sense to touch and feel the robot, such that one’s senses are engaged, and the matter is retained for longer.

Coding Robots is Fun

Numerous Robotic kits are available in the market which makes coding a more tangible and enjoyable process. One such popular kit is by Matatalab, available in GCC and other regions, for kids between ages 4 and up. The Matatalab platform provides tiny & attractive Bots that are friendly in nature and help kids learn hands-on programming. This coding toy can be made to travel over a map & navigate itself by simply clicking on the arrow keys. Kids can use direction blocks to give the MetaBot some instructions and perform functions such as; playing music, drawing, and even performing calculations. All this is possible through hands-on practice, without the need for any screen. Simply get your hands on the Matatalab kit and dedicate every Sunday to organizing special play-dates with your kid & his friends.

Creates Unique Experiences

While interacting with the tiny Bots, children develop a kind of strong bond, just as they would develop one with their school friends. After all, a Bot that studies together, stays together! When the Robot accompanies kids on their learning adventures it teaches them about geometric shapes, colors, patterns, and even art & craft, happily engaging kids in educative play. They wait eagerly to “train” their pet Robot to perform unique functions and even learn coding languages such as CoffeeScript and Python. Millions of Code Monkey subscribers in UAE and other regions across the world feel super excited to code & spend time with their MetaBots.

Screenless Play Is Better

Coding a physical Robot when done in a group encourages socialization skills. Every time children gather to work on a Matatalab coding project, there is an opportunity to form beautiful bonds, learn from each other’s mistakes, and solve problems as a team. This amazing camaraderie isn’t possible if the student had to spend alone time on an App and watch DIY coding videos on his tablet. Screenless play is obviously a healthier option, as it reduces stress on the eye and instead focuses more on building everlasting memories between young learners.

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