Everything You Needed to Know About MS Word

MS Word is the most widely used Microsoft Office program and at any given point in time, there are one Billion users who access the Word platform. Over the years Word has evolved since it launched in 1983, from Word 1.0 to Word 16.0 as of April 2022, which includes new updates & suggestions. Word is used to create professional documents for drafting write-ups, curating resumes, editing articles, and formatting text in a manner that is most suitable for corporate workspaces.

A new document on Word is like a blank canvas, which allows you to pour out your thoughts and pen down your ideas in a presentable manner. Right from school & college level to offices & beyond, MS Word is used for various purposes due to its versatility and user-friendly format. The best part about it is that you don’t need to be a pro or expert to figure out how to use this platform.

Let us learn about some of the amazing features and components of MS Word under ‘home’ and ‘insert’ tabs so that you can get started as early as possible.

Home Tab:

As soon as you open a new document, the default setting is on the ‘Home’ Tab. This particular menu comprises various options such as the following;

Format Painter: Use this function to quickly apply the same formatted feature to another text within the document. For example; if a certain word in the document is underlined & bold to draw a greater emphasis to the text, the same feature can be applied to another word you wish to highlight by simply clicking on the Format Painter button.

Bullet Points: There are numerous bullet point options and styles available on MS Word. You can distinctively separate the points in a paragraph by applying the bullet point feature. Besides the usual 1, 2, 3, 4 number bullet points, one can use symbols such as; tick marks, circles, and arrows, to indicate a new point on a different line.

Font Color and Font Style: The standard size of any font in a word document is size 12. This assures easy legibility to the reader, whether the document is in an e-format or printed version. The biggest font size available is 999.9 points, though it’s impractical to use the same on your sheet. Users are even spoilt for choice with the different color options available under the palette.

Border: A border can be added around the text to highlight its importance. The size, color, width, and style of the border can be changed as per preference. Within the same dropdown menu, you can find the ‘draw table’ option. This allows you to insert a table and fill specifics within its cells.

Insert Tab

As the name suggests, an insert tab comprises elements that you can insert within the document. Use this feature to create a more visual impact to support your data.

Shapes: Add shapes such as arrows, boxes, speech bubbles, etc. and then click ‘drag & draw’ to get the shape. Feel free to edit the shape to include different texts within it and even play with colour, fonts, and outline of the shapes.

Add Charts: Large amounts of data from excel can be visually represented in a word document by incorporating a chart. This makes it easier for the audiences in a meeting to quickly comprehend sales data & marketing insights by browsing through the charts. There are line charts, pie charts, bar charts, and funnel charts that enhance the effectiveness of the document.

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