Prepare To Exceed At Work & School by Becoming An MS. Excel Champ

Whatever career option you opt for, there’s always a need to know MS. Excel. Just like the ABCs in English language, corporate houses expect the candidate to be semi-pro or even advanced pro, at being able to perform basic calculations and make charts on MS. Excel. The function of Ms. Excel is to identify trends and sort data into meaningful categories. Through this Blog, we aim to highlight some of the top reasons for polishing-up on your MS. Excel Skills and practicing them diligently, to achieve success at work & beyond.

Data Management Powerhouse

In large organizations, every function has a mammoth of data which includes numbers, that can run into thousands of pages. It isn’t humanly possible to sort this kind of information manually and manage it on paper. Therefore, to reduce the burden of information overload and to keep errors to the bare minimum, MS. Excel skills come in handy. More than 750 million people worldwide, including the Middle East regions use this platform and testify its usefulness.

Undertake Math Calculations

With the help of formulas in Excel, there are numerous functions that can be performed. Use your sheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, at the click of a button. The key to being good at what you do is to remember the formula and then apply it aptly across different scenarios. Here are some important formulas to memorize.


The “SUM (table range)” function calculates the total figure of the selected range across cells. It basically adds all the digits under the selected cell range, to appear as an answer.


Use the “AVERAGE (data range)” function to calculate the averages of the selected cells. It is nothing but the ratio of summation of data to the number of units on the list. Just type the word AVERAGE and drag the mouse to select the range “AVERAGE (C2, C3, C4).”


When you need to count a particular sample but with a certain condition, the COUNTIF function is used. Suppose you want to find the count of a row full of numbers, one can use the COUNTIF command as follow-

So only two numbers that are highlighted are greater than or equal to ‘10’


As the name suggests, VLOOKUP is when you need to find anything particular in a table or range. For example, finding the salary of a particular employee based on their Employee ID. The formula will look something like this; =VLOOKUP(H2,B3:F25,3,FALSE)

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