Technology Makes Math Class Interesting

There are very few students who develop a liking for Math rather early on in life. For others, it is a matter of time & patience to cultivate a fondness for the subject. A good math teacher always adopts a hands-on approach and tries to bring out the math geek in students by adopting fun & interesting teaching techniques. Only when learners feel engaged & involved in the classroom do they respond positively and evolve into a deeper math understanding.

With increased access to technology, the digital revolution is taking over the globe by storm, and thus online learning is becoming both exciting & challenging. Educators are readily inviting digital technologies into the classrooms to boost student engagement and make math class fun & exciting again. Through this Blog, we aim to share some ways to engage kids in activity-based learning through digital platforms.

Game-Based Learning

Children might get saturated by studying math from a book and need some kind of variation. Thus, they look for every opportunity to play online math games, so that studying multiplication & division feels less boring. Because online math games offer variety, it even inculcates the habit of healthy competition, as players battle it out to get higher scores. Important concepts are reiterated as there is a game on every topic. For example, if children want to study standard deviation, there are tons of games with animation characters that entice them to come back, again & again, to practice and also have lots of fun! There are numerous game-based math apps, such as Mathseeds available worldwide, including places like Dubai and other parts of the Middle East.

YouTube Videos

YouTube isn’t merely a music streaming platform but is now officially an educational tool that is being used by schools and colleges. Teachers integrate YouTube videos as a part of their lesson plan to give clarity to students about a topic and be thorough with its explanation. Lucky for learners of this online generation! YouTube features step-by-step explainer videos by master tutors in a way that is pleasing and fascinating. The most beautiful thing about YouTube is that students of all ages and grades can seek assistance of YouTube videos. The platform is loaded with beginner-level videos that teach basics like; additions & subtraction to tutorials that prepare aspirants for competitive exams such as; JEE & UPSC. Whether you reside in GCC region or any other country of the world, YouTube is accessible in every corner of the globe.

Virtual Manipulatives

Math manipulatives are objects that are designed to give students the opportunity to learn math concepts by practicing hands-on experiences. Students play with materials and study while having a good time. This is way better than rote learning and the traditional teaching methodology. Examples of math manipulatives include things like; blocks, tiles, coins, shapes, rods, etc. Basically, anything that can be touched & felt by the students. Virtual manipulatives are the exact same replica of the real manipulative toy, except that it is to be played virtually. Children use their gifted talent to work with online block games and rods, to exact the same thing, which they would be practicing in a normal classroom. The biggest advantage is that one can access these games anytime & from anywhere, without having any restrictions or constraints.

Digital solutions enable students to spend time doing what they love. Every opportunity should be grabbed to soar high and find success in pursuing and cultivating your child’s passion for math subject.

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