Should Students Solely Focus on Grades or Be Good At Extracurricular Activities Too

For ages, there has been a debate about whether students should dedicate all their efforts to studies or also pay some attention to sports, dramatics, art, and other such extracurricular activities.

Well, there is no straightforward answer to this and each student needs to find his or her niche. However, the fact remains that when you are approaching colleges for admissions, they prefer an academically sound student, while also excelling in any other vocation, which is a bonus.

High graders who score brilliantly in SAT have many options of colleges at their disposal and can literally choose the one they wish to apply for. On the other hand, average graders may not have too many college options, but they can get admission basis their co-curricular achievements.

Colleges would love to have someone who is a national-level dancer and is also a sincere student at the same time. So if you want to ‘stand out’ and be more than just a bookworm, go out there and do what you love the best.

Often students who excel and are a master of their act, are said to be more emotionally evolved and socially accepted, besides being physically fit. They display a spirit of healthy competition, which is essentially the need of the hour. Even in an office environment, employees who display more enthusiasm and courage, move up the ladder sooner than one who is simply good at his work but doesn’t participate in social events.

Here are some good reasons to inculcate a liking for extracurriculars, alongside studies:

#1 Develop a Hobby

Students are often burdened with studies and they need some activity that could help take their minds off the stress. Hence, extracurricular activities help children discover a new hobby and drive them to follow their passion, which could turn into their profession later on in life. Spending time doing something you like and enjoy, is the greatest gift.

#2 Enhanced Skills

Every sport or activity has the potential to instill skills and personality traits in the student. For example; being an athlete teaches you to be consistent and accept that winning & losing is all part of the game. A dancer will have good hand-eye coordination and also be creatively inclined.

#3 Higher Academic Performance

The skills that you acquire while pursuing the art form, will come in handy at the time of studies. For example; those who are involved in community service will have an innate potential to solve problems and this skill comes in handy while solving math sums. Even well-documented research shows that students who scored well academically were experts in their chosen field of co-curricular avenues.

#4 Socially Conscious

Children who engage in activities meet with other like-minded friends and interact with them. They bond together and build lasting relations. In this way, a child learns to make social connections and is more confident while interacting with people.

#5 Time Management

When kids juggle school studies and go for cricket training, they become champs at time management. Developing a well-balanced approach will enable the individual to go far in life and later they will know how to devote time not just to work, but to family and hobbies as well.

#6 Empathy & Tolerance

Engaging in community service and setting aside time to do something good for others, is a quality that must be inculcated as early as possible in life. Some schools encourage students by giving extra marks and certificates for working certain hours at an NGO and dedicating their time to social service.

So now that we know the numerous benefits of devoting time & effort to co-curriculars, be assured your time at tennis coaching won’t be futile.

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