List of Topics Under Biology and Career Opportunities for Students

How did life come into existence? Who created the first man and woman? Are we all predecessors of apes? These burning questions are answered to some extent, by studying biology.

Biology offers a detailed research on the evolution of the human race and other species of animals & organisms, on this planet and presents an interrelation between them. It also helps solve problems related to sustainability of life, including ecosystem, food quality, environment, and finding of new medicines to cure illnesses in the human body.

Biology is a compulsory substream of the Science domain in High school where students learn about different organisms and how they adapt to the environment around them. The biology laboratory is a haven to conduct hands-on experiments and analyze data, thereby understanding phenomena & applying the reasoning behind them. Carolina is a trusted lab supplier and equips school biology laboratories with the latest equipment for students to be able to conduct their experiments in a safe & hygienic manner. Being a leading player, it has a global presence including supplies in schools and colleges across Dubai and GCC regions in the Middle East.

Here are some topics that are covered as a part of the biology curriculum;

#1 Cells and Homeostasis

Learn about single cellular and multicellular organisms. Discuss the cell structures in detail and know the characteristics of each of them. Students conduct experiments to understand how the cell stores resources in terms of energy & chemical building blocks and then use this energy when needed. They are also made to compare the homeostasis in different organisms and note their differences

#2 Energy Needs for Living Things

Where do plants get their energy from? Why do humans and animals need the energy to function? These pondering questions are answered in great detail by the Biology teacher in class. Plants trap the energy of the sun to make food via the process of photosynthesis. Cellular respiration is a chemical reaction performed by the cells of our body to change the food we eat, the water we consume, and the oxygen we breathe into energy, that can be used for our day-to-day functioning.

#3 Study of Genetics

Why do children look like their parents? Someone must have noticed your character traits as being similar to that of your mother or father. So, genetics is basically the science of genes that passes on from one generation to the other. Also, you must have often come across the term DNA which is the abbreviation of Deoxyribonucleic Acid. DNA resembles two polynucleotide chains that are intertwined with each other and carry genetic instructions for the development, growth, functioning, and reproduction of organisms. Biology students go into further depth about gene alteration and how genetic counseling influences society.

#4 Ecology

Under this topic, you will study the biotic and abiotic factors in the environment which includes living and non-living things and their interaction with the environment. We can delve deeper into the understanding of the human population, diversity, ecosystem, and biosphere, by learning more about our ecology. Ecology is further classified into different types; community ecology, population ecology, landscape ecology, and molecular ecology.

What are your career options after securing a Biology degree?

#1 Research Scientist

This is a very stimulating career opportunity, as a research biologist gets to work on a number of interesting research topics that can have a great positive impact on life and its existence. The scientist can specialize and be involved in any of the following streams; medical research, neurology, genomics, microbiology, and pharmacology.

#2 Healthcare Biologist

The healthcare industry is ever-evolving and the number of diseases is on a rise. A healthcare biologist works on introducing new-age drugs or improving the existing ones, to cure life-threatening ailments such as; cancer, aids, tuberculosis, and heart problems. They are mostly hired by pharmaceutical companies or by hospitals & research institutes.

#3 Environment Conservationist

Wish to be an earth-protecting ninja? Then a career as an environmental conservationist suits you best. You will be helping protect our planet’s natural resources, wildlife, and vegetation, to offer sustainability for future generations. You will be at the forefront and run campaigns to make the general public aware of the consequences of their ill habits and subsequently educate them to be more responsible earth-dwellers.

Besides the above top 3 enlisted careers, there are plenty of other options for biology graduates. One can choose to be an educator in any of the top science colleges in UAE, or work alongside the police department as a forensic expert. The complexity of the subject and constant interaction with people and nature makes Biology an interesting stream for students.

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