What Makes A Confident Online Math Tutor

Online tutoring has become a fad and thanks to the pandemic phase, students are now comfortable learning online. Undoubtedly, online classes have their own advantages such as saving costs, usage of interesting digital resources, and flexibility to learn anytime & anywhere.

#1 Display Enthusiasm

A Math teacher needs to keep students engaged through the 1-hour online class. Especially for a subject like Math, which is anyways considered boring, the the teacher should put in extra effort to make it likable. Use the blank canvas to your creative advantage and introduce colors, characters, and fonts, to present the topics in an easily palatable manner.

#2 Access Student’s Needs

Since the student is not physically present before you in a class, there may be a lag in understanding if the student is actually grasping the concept or not. Are students listening to the explainer video on ‘prime & composite numbers’ or have they muted the same and dozed off to lalaland? The lecture shouldn’t be a one-way conversation, but a two-way train. Students must get a chance to ask questions and raise their hand on a zoom call when they have doubts. Alternatively, the teacher can ask questions to learn whether participants are paying attention.

#3 Follow Online Etiquette

Just because Math is being taught online, doesn’t mean that the tutor can take it easy and be laidback. Adopt etiquette like being on time, dressing appropriately, testing the microphone & camera before the online session begins, and sitting in a secluded room in your home to avoid disturbances of any kind.

#4 Have Patience

Remember that online teaching is very different from regular classroom sessions, as you don’t have access to the chalk and board. Online math is taught using videos, making drawings on the paint app, or using PowerPoint presentation slides. Children who are not too tech-savvy will find it difficult to link the steps to a complex & lengthy ‘word problem’ as the slides turn one by one since the entire solution can’t fit on a single slide. The presenter, therefore, needs to be patient and not get frustrated if she has to repeat the solution multiple times and keep going back & forth with the slides. Making use of online platforms like Mathseeds is also a great idea. Here kids have to simply log in and practice Math concepts through simple gamified lessons assigned by their teacher. Mathseeds customizes modules based on the student’s age and capabilities, thereby becoming a hit amongst learners in UAE & other Middle East regions.

#5 Prepare Additional Teaching Aids

Since there is no one fixed method to teach online, the teacher needs to be prepared with multiple teaching aids and techniques. If the student doesn’t understand by way of referring to PDFs or pre-recorded videos, you might have to be ready with flashcards to explain something like; tables and fractions. Always have a marker and empty sheets of paper, which will act as a whiteboard to help explain the topic effectively. Also keep links ready on other tabs of your browser’s window, so that you don’t waste time fumbling when you need to change the screen.

#6 Word of Encouragement

Though the lecture may be of a shorter duration online, it doesn’t mean that you don’t find the time to say words of encouragement. Students need to be continuously motivated so that they make friends with numbers. Unlike physical class, the teacher doesn’t get a chance to check the notebook with a red pen and share her positive comments. However, online assignments need to be shared regularly and the teacher should write her remarks in the notes section. Mathseeds is cleverly designed to keep children motivated by offering them coins & reward points, which can be exchanged for some cool goodies. To learn more about Mathseeds and its availability in Dubai or GCC regions, simply visit this link https://knowledge-hub.com/mathseeds/

#7 Technically Soundness

Distractions due to technical glitches are unavoidable in an online class, but that shouldn’t be the reason for the lecture to go for a toss completely. The teacher needs to practice and train on how to handle minor setbacks like; re-connecting immediately if the WiFi connection gets disconnected or swiftly muting a student who is having a conversation with his family at home. Some sort of technical professionalism is required for the online session to be conducted smoothly.

#8 Be Organized

At the end of every session, parents expect the teacher to send notes and links referred to while teaching. Hence it’s important to keep all digital resources well organized. Make a folder with the grade you are reached, followed by folders for each month to store the monthly curriculum, and lastly sub-folders with dates to store daily topics. Soon after the class concludes, simply reopen the folder and send the email effortlessly.

Teaching math online isn’t rocket science! Simply keep all the charts, diagrams, calculations, flashcards, and links at a hand’s distance so that you are prepared & confident to deliver a kickass session.

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