Build Your Programming Skills: Coding Games for Beginners

In recent times schools have made it mandatory for students to learn coding. Alongside formal Math, English, and Social Studies, one now needs to be computer literate and explore its potential, well before they enter the outside world. Is it justified to burden students with additional studies, when they are already bogged down to complete their lengthy syllabus?

In order to learn the techniques of coding, you must first understand computer languages like; Python, Java, C++, etc. Just like one would learn A,B,C before graduating to speak fluent sentences and write lengthy paragraphs.

This requirement of having to learn an additional computer language often demotivates students and they find the task to be too tedious.

Well, thankfully, the market has recently introduced new and innovative techniques to teach children coding, without them getting bored. There are numerous tech apps that gamify the coding experience and even offer theme-based scenarios to induce learners to take up exciting challenges along their journey.

Modern game-based coding has a simple agenda of making learning fun – because who doesn’t love to play games on their tabs!

What’s beautiful about gamification, is that it requires students to be truly involved in the process, as time & again, they have to make decisions by choosing the correct path, changing their avatars, and even exchanging coins for some exciting freebies.

When creativity is allowed to flow, naturally one gets motivated to give their hundred percent, thereby grasping the concepts quickly.

Collaboration skills are fostered, as children form teams and undertake challenges to outdo others. Moreover, boasting about one’s win instills a sense of pride, as kids rant about their success to their friends and this gives them much confidence.

The best part about this approach is that kids don’t need to be persuaded to start gaming, they do it by their own will and become lifelong enthu learners.

Robotify’s Coding Program For Students

Robotify introduces an interesting gamified platform for beginners who wish to learn to code virtually. Its cool and captivating collection of games has truly become every coder’s top favorite and even schools in Dubai & GCC regions, promote Robotify in their classrooms. As the name suggests, Robotify allows you to code a Robot without the requirement of any hardware, thereby making it an affordable option.

Evolve your coding skills by choosing from over 800 activities, some of which we have highlighted below:

#1 Marine Biology Survey

In an underwater ocean environment, one has to adorn the role of a marine biologist and take pictures of different sea creatures to study their behavior. Ready, set, go! Visualize GPS data, apply problem-solving skills, and maximize your race efficiency.

#2 Srvo’s Drone Delivery Service

Nowadays home delivery service has become a big business. In this Drone Delivery game, students will program drones to carry parcels across the city and transport the same from A to B. Soon this futuristic vision will become a reality. Here you’ve got the opportunity to apply programming skills, think like a designer, and prepare 3D grids from scratch.

#3 Axel’s Mars Adventure

Axel is a friendly robot companion who can be controlled by feeding it with coding instructions. Will you help Axel complete his mission on Mars and discover the secrets of this red planet?

#4 Drone Park

The city of Abu Dhabi in the UAE is taken over by drones. Welcome to Drone City Park and get ready to compete with fellow drone fliers. Participate in adrenaline-pumping racing events by applying coding skills and advanced problem-solving techniques to ace the game.

#5 GBR Tag and Track

The Great Barrier Reef has an urgent mission. Its underwater animals are reeling from consuming harmful plastic thrown by humans. This is your chance to be a hero and show off your coding techniques by diving deep with the help of your rover Tag & Truck, and bringing the sick animals ashore for treatment. In this activity, you not only get a chance to plan an important assignment but also meet underwater sea creatures & explore the Great Barrier Reef virtually.


#6 Robotify Basics

To master the basics of coding, all you got to do is interact with Betti, Malik, and the pet robot Hamster, as you navigate them across the apartment. In this way, you learn to code with blocks and take-on special challenges.

With a growing demand for tech jobs in the Middle East, more & more learners are pursuing computer science programs to secure their future. The first step to your mission is to adopt game-based coding activities and join the coding revolution.

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