Top TechnoKids Technology Projects Kids Will Love

Most schools have adopted the STEAM curriculum in which T – stands for technology. In this dynamic world, technology changes at a rapid pace and it only makes sense to empower children, early on in their life about the various amazing facets of technology. Computer labs have become sophisticated with a focus on hands-on project work that fosters the student’s curiosity & problem-solving skills. To prepare students for future careers, they need to build a strong foundation of technical skills and therefore TechnoKids was introduced to classrooms across the globe, including regions of GCC in the Middle East.

Some of the most sought-after technology projects offered by TechnoKids are;

#1 TechnoFit

Grade 1 to 3 | Age 5 to 8 years | Module: Primary

Primary graders are introduced to healthy food & its benefits, followed by a hands-on project where the student needs to plan a full-fledged menu and devise a food guide to propagate healthy living. Kids will use the Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word tools to draw text boxes, prepare layouts, and insert clip art, to beautify their posters and successfully launch their Be Fit campaigns.

#2 TechnoStart

Grade 1 to 3 | Age 5 to 8 years | Module: Primary

The basics of computers and their multifaceted uses are demonstrated to children via the TechnoStart curriculum. Students learn to name the different parts of a computer, understand how a mouse works, and experiment with opening & closing programs. They even use the Paint tool to create free-hand drawings and try out different font styles.

#3 Techno TimeLine

Grade 3 to 6 | Age 8 to 12 years | Module: Junior

How difficult it is to remember the details of the First World War in chronological order! Well, not anymore. Techno TimeLine is an excellent computer-based activity where students work on PowerPoint, Word, and other apps using Microsoft Office Online to furnish an interesting digital timeline. The events and dates are presented in the form of infographics to make things even more fun.

#4 TechnoCandy

Grade 3 to 6 | Age 8 to 12 years | Module: Junior

The TecnoCandy curriculum is designed to introduce some research skills to students. Children prepare surveys, collect data, and collate it on a spreadsheet to boost candy sales for their virtual candy shop. This module teaches children how to use Google Forms, Excel, and Google Sheets to prepare graphs and analyze data.

#5 TechnoPython

Grade 6 to 9 | Age 11 to 14 | Module: Intermediate

Python is a popular computer programming language and is also the name of a non-poisonous snake. Here children are taken on an adventure where they have to create a game from scratch by using the programming language. Children use their creativity to brainstorm and create the Pet Monster Snake Rescue game using the IDLE Python 3 toolkit while developing their soft skills. Besides coding, one learns how to be an effective team player, apply logical thinking, and practice debugging skills. Coding is a big business and kids are enrolled in after-school coding classes, especially in Dubai, where the fad is growing by the day and parents are keen on making their kids tech-literate, just like they would learn ABC.

#6 TechnoTravel

Grade 6 to 9 | Age 11 to 14 | Module: Intermediate

What’s it like to work as a travel agent and sell holiday packages at a touring company? Thanks to TechnoKids TechnoTravel curriculum, children learn the fine act of persuasive selling in school. They prepare attractive advertisements for famous vacation destinations using PowerPoint, Word, and Google Slides, and present them to prospective vacation seekers.


#7 TechnoInvestor

Grade 8 to 12 | Age 12 and up | Module: Senior

Watch out for our little Share Brokers. They are about to make their way to the Stock Exchange and bring in a new perspective for investors. Students use Spreadsheet skills to make important trading decisions about stocks of a fictitious company. They are taught how to read the company profile and currency conversion. Participants also involve themselves in trading sessions and study the highs and lows of the market, while also using advanced Excel and Word computing.

There are numerous other Techno projects by TechnoKids and above we have listed only a few. Choosing the correct project depends on the child’s age, readiness, and level of interest. All you need is a device – Windows, Mac, Chrome, and a positive attitude to get started.

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