Career Options In Science Stream

When someone is asked what they would choose as a career after pursuing a degree in the science field, the answer would be either doctor or engineer. However, do you know in today’s 21st-century world, the job market is flooded with a plethora of other opportunities to explore for science grads or ones who have given their 12th standard exams, depending upon individual interests! The science field is dynamic and the demand for innovative solutions is on an ever increase. Science is everywhere, as it makes our lives more comfortable and meaningful. We encourage you to read this Blog and help anyone who is struggling to make a decision with regard to their future career prospects.

#1 Biotechnology

Our globe is reeling from a number of issues such as the pandemic, hunger crisis, climate change, and global warming, just to highlight a few. Biotechnology is a branch of science that harnesses cellular or biomolecular technologies to improve the health of humans and save our planet. A Biomedical Engineer works towards building better biomedical devices, software, and equipment thereby contributing to the advancement of healthcare services. A Biochemist on the other hand studies the chemical attributes of heredity, genetics, cell growth, carbohydrates, and molecules on the human body, thereby reducing the advent of diseases and promoting a healthier community.

#2 Zoology

Zoology is a branch of biology that studies animal and animal life, its structure, and classification. A zoologist protects the animal kingdom and tries to improve the quality of life of some species that are on the verge of extinction. After opting for this study, one can work as an animal control officer, marine biologist, or even an animal scientist.

#3 Data Scientist

This is a newly emerging profession, thanks to the rampant usage of the internet and oodles of data available at the click of a button. Basically, the data scientist is responsible for collecting data, analyzing, and interpreting large amounts of data for the benefit of brands & corporate organizations. Useful insights from consumers are collated and applied to upcoming campaigns to promote and sell products & services.

#4 Blockchain Developer

A blockchain developer optimizes blockchain protocols and designs a robust architecture as per the requirements of the users. They also devise security features for different network platforms. The developer needs to know cryptography and data structure to build decentralized smart apps.

#5 Space Scientist

A space scientist studies the secrets of the universe and outer space phenomena, thereby allowing one’s dreams to literally reach the skies. Is there a life beyond Earth? Well, this burning question is studied in-depth by researching aspects of space and other extraterrestrial objects. Space physicists work in the laboratory and focus on the theoretical findings, while astronomers study the galaxies & stars by using sophisticated telescopes.

#6 Geologist

A geologist studies the earth and collects proof that reveals events of the past. They examine soils, rocks, and fossils that are hundreds of years old and predict future events based on past happenings. By studying the geographical area that has been subjected to natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, geologists can suggest any preventive measures that need to be taken in that area, before its construction begins. They even study the deposits of coal, minerals, and iron ores present under the surface of the earth and share their findings.

#7 Botanist

A Botanist is a scientist who studies plants. There are innumerable species of plants, trees, grass, and shrubs present in our ecosystem and a detailed study of them helps in understanding how pollution and population are affecting their existence. Some species are on the verge of extinction and a botanist’s role is to find ways to continue the plant’s perpetuity by finding appropriate treatments. A botanist also researches advanced plant genetics which contributes to growing new & improved varieties of plants, for the benefit of the planet. A botanist may be employed in a pharma company to discover plant-based drugs or even work in the food business to plan a roadmap for future generations and fulfill the growing food demands of people.

So, those who are interested in the field of science, can choose any of the above options or even explore more. Besides the above list, there are plenty of other science professions such as physicist, statistician, agronomist, pharmacist, meteorologist, ethical hacker, etc.

However, the first step to making a successful career in any of these fields requires students to secure good grades, especially in science and math subjects in high school & college.

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