Fun Coding Lessons: Playful Farm Animals By Matatalab

Established in 2017, Matatalab is a technology education company that has been growing from strength to strength. It aims to develop children’s abilities and confidence to influence the world in a positive way through innovative learning techniques and entertainment experiences. Matatalab’s coding robots have become a much-sought-after tool, worldwide, for kindergarteners, elementary schools, and educational institutions for their ground-breaking STEAM educational solutions. Now they have envisaged becoming the worlds leading educational company based on innovative products and STEAM for kids.

Matatalab has introduced children to MatataBot, a coding robot with whom they can embark on coding adventures and also have fun while learning. One popular coding program learning lesson is the ‘Delivery Animals’ or ‘Playful Farm Animals’ coding set. This lesson is aimed at the 3 to 5 years age bracket and takes around 45minutes to complete. It includes a printable for 4 locations and 4 farm animals.

Let us go through the steps of guiding the children into the lesson and setting it up for them. The purpose of the lesson or let’s say ‘aim of the game’ is to transport the 4 different farm animals to different locations in the community via the MatataBot. After each animal has been dropped at its location, the child needs to come up with a story, explaining why the animal is visiting the place. By completing this task, the child learns tangible coding language and community living.

Initially, you need to review the MatataBot movement on the map using the motion blocks with the child. Then you set up the locations on the map along with the obstacles. This so far would be a guided lesson and going forward would be an independent activity for about 30 minutes. The student needs to choose a starting point for the MatataBot and then put all the animal printables onto it. Using the motion coding blocks they are already familiar with they need to move the MatataBot around the map from one location to the other and drop off each animal at a different location. Each animal drop-off needs to be accompanied by an explanation as to why the animal was visiting the place. For example, why did the cow go to the library? You can also use the preset music block to celebrate a successful drop at a location. Once the activity is completed, there is time for a few questions about the activity and a discussion about the reasons and possibilities.

The Delivery Animals coding lesson teaches children how to use coding blocks to program a path to a destination. It encourages them to figure out different paths to the same destination and also how to go around obstacles in front of them. It sharpens the memory as the student has to remember which animal was dropped off where and enhances their story-telling skills as well.

Many such similar programs are available through Matatalab touching on different topics like sports, food, space, etc. They are very popular across the GCC and Middle East. Almost all international schools in Dubai and UAE have now adopted the coding techniques taught here. There is plenty of material available online for home tutoring and add-ons as well so it becomes very easy to gather information and learn. Matatalab programs are very user-friendly and have been designed to be used on Android as well as iOS with regular firmware upgrades.

Coding skills should be taught at an early age as coding has become a cornerstone in today’s fast-growing technological world. Computer skills and coding is a high-demand skill. It is essential for us to encourage the young generations to master coding and bust all myths that it is complicated and requires a lot of knowledge and experience.

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