Preparing Youngsters For Their Very First School Interview

Schools have become extremely picky about admitting children into their institutions. In today’s competitive world, the reputation of the school and its ranking are at stake, and the only way to earn a good name is by churning out students who perform exceptionally well in academics and co-curricular domains. Therefore if you wish your child secured a seat in a good school of your choice, especially in a competitive region like the UAE, then you need to really make sure that great efforts are put in to ensure that your child is prepared for any question that might be asked at the interview. This is the very first interview of their lives and undoubtedly there will be some nervousness. However, correct guidance and practice will definitely help the child be more confident.

Through this blog, we will share some generic tips that will be useful in preparing young students to be interview-ready.

#1 Research About the School

Schools have their own modus operandi and the criteria for selection may vary. Hence, it is wise to ask parents who already have children studying in that school for some guidance and prepare accordingly. You can even visit the school’s website to learn about its vision & mission. This would create a lasting impression on the interviewer and convey seriousness about seeking admission there.

#2 Work on the Basics

Even before your children start schooling at around 2 to 2.5 years, they are expected to know some vocab like; names of colors, shapes, and a few fruits/vegetables. It shouldn’t be so that the child goes blank at the time of the interview. So set a daily routine to educate the child by watching videos and hanging picture charts in your child’s bedroom, so that they become thoroughly acquainted with the basics.

#3 Prepare an Introduction

Usually, children are asked to say a few lines about themselves in an interview. Work on a speech whereby the child is well-versed in sharing his name, age, place of residence, and what he/she loves the most. If you want to create a lasting impression, include more details such as; hobbies and interests. It’s impossible for such young kids to speak fluently using a correct sentence structure and that is not what you should aim at either.

#4 Focus on Social Etiquette

Instilling the right attitude and social behaviors in children is an indication of good family background and reflects upon the value system at home. Kids who are well-groomed and mannered, are easily accepted in the school community and fair well for themselves. Therefore, stress on decent clothes and a tidy hairdo, during the interview process. Do a role-play at home, where parents can play the role of a Principal and provide feedback whenever the kid faulters. Not speaking out of turn, being polite, and not to be too fidgety during an interview, are all important points to keep in mind.

#5 Impart Communication Skills

Having good conversation skills doesn’t happen overnight or a week before the interview. Parents must make it a daily practice to interact with kids and speak in English, even while conversing casually at home, though your mother tongue may be Arabic, being a part of the Middle East. When children have the right communicative practice at home, they become comfortable with others in an outside scenario. It becomes their nature to speak proper English in school too.

#6 Overcome Shyness

Every parent wants their child to actively partake in a social setting and not shy away. However, some kids are shy and they get uncomfortable if asked to interact with other strangers. To break this shyness, make sure they interact with relatives and friends in the neighborhood regularly. A school interview should not turn into a scary nightmare for them!

All said and done, while it is important to stress on these helpful pointers, be careful not to put extra pressure on your little ones. After all, they need to enjoy the learning process, and not find it burdensome.

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