How to Motivate Students To Do Their Homework

Every parent wishes to give his or her child access to the best level of education. However, with good education comes a great amount of homework and coursework. This ends up causing tons of anxiousness and lack of motivation among students. In order to be successful at school, every student needs to take a keen interest in the homework given by teachers. While this doesn’t mean you spend hours hand-holding them, you can support and encourage them in multiple ways. Motivating your students with their homework will not only help them understand subjects better but also act as a great bonding tool. Here are a few ways you can successfully encourage your child to finish their homework in an effective manner.

#1 Explore the Next Learning Platform

The generation of students today is different and hence they require different tools and features to effectively study and do their homework. This is why using the Next Learning Platform is a highly impactful idea. Numerous educators across Dubai, UAE, GCC and the Middle East are using this platform to not only conduct live lessons and assign homework but to also track homework and performance of individual students.

#2 Create a homework friendly space

Setting up a dedicated space for your kids to do their homework is very important. It not only promotes increased focus but also creates an environment where your kids feel comfortable studying. This space should have supplies like pens, pencils, an eraser, a stapler etc. so they do not have to get up every now and then.

#3 Decide regular ‘homework hours’

Some kids like to finish their homework right after school, some wait until they get a snack and some do it after dinner. Every child is different and works best at different hours. So, it is important to create a schedule for homework and follow it religiously. This will encourage increased retention and promote persistence and discipline among them.

#4 Avoid creating any distractions

While your child is finishing their coursework, make sure you don’t cause any distractions by speaking too loudly on the phone or switching on the TV that is in line with their vision. By keeping distractions to a minimum, you’re allowing your child to concentrate.

#5 Praise their hard work

Kids thrive through positive reinforcements. So, always make it a point to recognise their efforts and praise them as well. Make it a point to mention their academic achievements or applaud their completed homework in front of the family. This simple practice lays a highly positive impact on students and motivates them to study often.

#6 Remember to take breaks

It’s unhealthy for your child to over-function and under-perform. This is why it is important for them to take breaks between their homework. You can create a schedule wherein after each subject they can take a small break and do whatever they like. In this way, the child will not feel overburdened or exhausted.

#7 Know the teacher

This may sound like a no-brainer but it is critical when it comes to the overall performance of your kid. Having a comfortable relationship with the teacher allows you to understand their teaching pattern and in turn, helps your child comprehend the kind of homework they give effectively.

These are just a few steps out of the many that you can try in order to motivate your child to do their homework. To help your kid be at par with the global standards of education, it is important for parents and guardians to actively take interest in their child’s education and encourage them to do better every step of the way.

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