Introducing Educational Drones To Strengthen STEAM Learning

It is a whole new world out there when it comes to education for your child there are skills now accessible that would never be considered 5 years ago. With the onset of new age learning it is extremely important to get with the trend or you actually might be left behind. Countries like Dubai and other countries in the Middle East have been rapidly adopting to these new trends. Just like the apple helped newton discover gravity, with Robotify Students around the world are no longer in classrooms, but rather using digital tools with their parents to enhance learning in this similar time of global relevance.

We don’t expect your eight-year-old to find gravity or cure the world’s problems, but now is a fantastic time for kids to learn how to code using virtual robots and become the next generation’s great makers. We are in the midst of a worldwide crisis that has shocked the world in recent weeks. Schools around the world have been closed as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. As schools close, students lose access to shared classroom robotics. As a result, we’ve made a decision to assist in the development of thousands of young Isaac Newtons.

This is a difficult time for parents, especially when it comes to planning activities for their children. Robotify has a unique position to ensure that behavioral solutions such as self-isolation are easier and more successful for children and remote parents. In countries like Singapore and Germany, these technologies are currently very effective.

Because of the creative courses on the Robotify platform, we are confident that we can free you, the parent. What exactly does that imply? It means you can get critical work done while providing your kids something to focus on that is both enjoyable and intuitive.

Drone Racer and Drone Park ( Virtual)

Participate in the drone racing trend without first purchasing an expensive drone. Explore the Drone Park and its Drone Racer wicket course, scouting and taking photos in preparation for the big night race. Create programmes that employ arrays to programme your drone racer’s racing course. Create your own image storage system to capture, store, and retrieve photographs. On your route to victory, fly through Drone Park wicket by wicket!

There will undoubtedly be difficulties and difficulties ahead, but we hope that children around the world will inspire change and use this chance to learn about new concepts and how technology can be used to enhance people’s lives.

We also get to look at why countries like Dubai want to implement these methods of education as soon as possible. Drones are simply fun and here’s a list of other reasons why educational drones are essential for learning.

Their brains are technologically wired.

Today’s children grow up with technology in ways that we never did. When students take drone lessons and fly them for the first time, those developmental neural circuits provide them a big edge. This is especially true for students who have spent any amount of time playing video games. The cognitive and physical skills are typically present; it is only the confidence that is lacking.

Drones provide a huge reprieve for math teachers.

There is a belief that individuals find arithmetic difficult because the language of mathematics was invented so recently. I.e., the language we use to communicate with one another has evolved over time, but it dates back 30-100,000 years. As a result, it feels more natural or intuitive. It is unclear when mathematics was discovered or invented, but it was most likely no more than 3,000 years ago. Regardless of how correct the theory is, we all know that maths is not a lot of people’s favourite subject in school. Drones allow Math professors to bring the abstract to life for their students. Students can compute distances, analyse graphs, and use data generated through simple flying simulations.

Drones for Education Allow Intrinsic Motivation to Take Over

A technology that kids are intrinsically encouraged to use in the classroom is a godsend for any teacher. People must have spontaneous interest or eagerness to investigate for intrinsic drive to be attainable.

Teachers can easily learn how to use drones.

Teachers are frequently forgotten in the rush to integrate drone STEM curriculum in classrooms. Teachers, in particular, are not specialists in the technologies they must deploy. This might be overwhelming on top of everything else that goes into making a classroom work.

Drones Make Creating Student-Centered Classrooms Simple

Students are more independent and autonomous in a student-centred learning environment. The emphasis is shifted from the teacher to the students. As they select what and how things will be done, this type of learning is also incredibly formative in helping youngsters shape their decision-making and cooperative skills.

Drones Assist Students in Understanding Data

Data is already abundant, and firms and governments are racing to develop sophisticated algorithms to make use of it. As adults, we were taught data in science and math classes, and it was taught in a pretty traditional way. We had to figure out what this new pervasive level of data in the modern world was all about.

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