The Beginner’s Guide To Microsoft Excel

As the world moves towards a highly advanced way of life, the education system is rapidly transforming. Today, it is vital for school going children to learn the foundations of technology. However, not many schools offer modules on the same. As parents or guardians, you must have noticed that multiple school assignments include the usage of Microsoft Office, predominantly Microsoft Excel and Word. But unfortunately, schools do not teach something as important as Microsoft Office Suite in detail. This is why people across Dubai, UAE, GCC and The Middle East are opting for TechnoExcel by TechnoKids. This holistic project allows school children to understand Excel at length and helps them navigate seamlessly around various tools, features, design elements and formulas. Contrary to what many people believe, it is often difficult for children to fully understand the functions of Microsoft Excel. This is why lessons for the same are highly recommended.


How does learning Excel help children?

  1. Excel is one of the most used tools from the Microsoft Office suite. It is widely adopted by schools and colleges globally. Hence, your child will gain a competitive advantage among its peers in the near future.
  2. It will help kids deeply understand raw data and how to convert it into properly formatted, meaningful information.
  3. Excel helps kids improve their financial planning. This is a life skill that is often ignored in conventional school modules.
  4. Since Excel involves functions like formulas, numbers, pivot charts, VLOOKUP etc., It dramatically improves a kid’s analytical skills.
  5. It helps make mathematics more interesting with a wide range of formulas and features. Moreover, its autocorrect feature helps improve their calculation skills over time.
  6. One of the most important reasons behind learning Microsoft Excel is that it is widely accepted as a standard format to share and exchange data across the globe. Today, employers and university educators expect kids to take full advantage of this powerful data analytics tool.

What will the TechnoExcel kit include?

This special program is built by TechnoKids so school-going children can seamlessly navigate through Excel and extract its potential to the fullest. Since it aims to provide a comprehensive view of this program, here’s a list of things you and your child will get access to:

  1.  A student’s workbook
  2. A teacher’s guide
  3. A wide array of resources that can be customized basis the learning ability of the child
  4. Multiple assessment tools
  5. Extension Activities
  6. Sample files, usable templates, parent letters and certificates

This holistic program also offers advanced Excel tasks and various methods to integrate Excel data into a PowerPoint Presentation. These are exactly the kind of skills your child needs to gain the much needed competitive edge in today’s educational scenario. Moreover, we are moving towards a virtual world, which makes this online program a perfectly engaging lesson for you as well as your child.

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