Virtual Robotics Coding: Power Robots From Home

There is no doubt about the fact that coding is an essential skill that every 21st century student needs to learn. Even the school’s curriculum is remodeled to focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). To match the growing demands of parents to make coding as inclusive as teaching language or math, there are many after-school courses that are available & cater to young learners. But these classes are definitely not cheap, and many charge a tutoring fee of AED 315 per hour, which is quite steep.

A New Way Of Learning To Code

With changing times, children can now learn this vital life skill by undertaking virtual coding sessions. This is comparatively inexpensive, as there is no investment in hardware & the only requirement for the students is to have a laptop with good WiFi connectivity. So, with virtual coding, you can now code robots anywhere, at any time. Isn’t that cool! Enlisted below are a few good reasons to get started asap;


#1 Affordability

When you have to assemble a Robot physically, there are so many components required like; motors, sensors, and cameras, thereby making the overhead cost expensive. Virtual robots do not need any hardware devise but allow you to build the structure of the robot virtually instead, by using virtual components. Affordable solutions such as these, are sustainable in the long run and will enthuse more & more students to sign-up for coding.

#2 Self-Paced Learning

In the case of physical sessions, the teacher follows a syllabus and covers certain topics per session. Some fast-paced students are brilliant and can grasp the concepts quite well, but others struggle to be at the same place as other classmates. This impacts the self-esteem of the child and he may start finding these lessons to be very difficult & difficult & ultimately quit. However, when one opts for the same virtually, students can watch tutorial videos, coding practice activities, and level-up at their own pace, without feeling embarrassed. There is no teacher involved, and one can choose to watch the ‘concept video’ curated by experts, as many times as he likes. Self-aced learning creates a stress-free learning environment & students take ownership of their own achievements.

#3 Accessibility

A mere WiFi connection and laptop are all you need to get started with coding. There Is no need to travel far distances, and you can learn from the comfort of your home. This makes it absolutely convenient and reduces the heavy costs of signing up for expensive classes. A child sitting in Dubai can learn to code from a professor in the US. Therefore, international boundaries do not matter and it brings culturally diverse students on board.


#4 Gamified Learning Is Fun

A virtual coding program is unlike pen & paper learning. Here students have the liberty to make Robots perform interesting tasks, which would otherwise not be possible even with physical coding. For example; making ‘Rover the Robot’ walk on Mars or asking ‘Austie’ to dive into the ocean & hunt for fossils. It’s pretty challenging & exciting, all in a game-like fashion, which makes learning so much more intriguing. Students can work with different levels & play a match-off with their classmates.

Robotify helps in enhancing creative thinking and problem-solving skills amongst students by offering easy coding lessons for all. Students can enjoy the thrill of coding, without the hassle of a hardware! There are over 800 coding activities to choose from and to keep your excitement going, the platform is available 24X7. Robotify’s popularity has grown over the years and 100+ countries, including enthusiastic learners from GCC in the Middle East, take advantage of Robotify.

Some of the Activates on Robotify include:

  • Axel’s Mars Adventure
  • Treasure Trove
  • Drone Park
  • GBR Tag and Track
  • Marine Biology Survey

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