Google Drive Is the Real Deal – A Cloud Storage for Work & Home

You must be familiar with Google Drive, which is a cloud-based platform that allows you to save files in the form of .pdfs, .jpgs, .excel, .ppt, .mp3 and many more such formats. Google Drive is a world-wide popular tool, used by over 1 billion people, with over 2 trillion files stored, that explains its magnanimous usage and user-friendliness which is appreciated by all. This universally accepted storage dump offers ‘free’ 15 GB of capacity across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. And if you ever cross this limit, you can purchase additional storage by upgrading yourself to a Google One account. Life is much easier and stress-free when you secure all important documents from your computer/laptop by uploading them as a back-up on Google Drive, because you never know when your device may crash and in-turn lose your day’s hard work.

Good Reasons to Stick to Using Google Drive:

Below are some good reasons to stick to using Google Drive:

#1 Easy to Manoeuvre

Once you log-in to your Gmail account from your laptop, simply click on the Google Apps button and click on Drive from the drop-down menu. There you go! The most recently uploaded or edited documents will be visible on the screen at first. Magic happens when you click on the + New button. Feel free to upload any type of files, if not, an entire folder from your local drive. Files that are shared by someone else, can also be viewed from the G-Drive. If you wish to retrieve a document, that was deleted by mistake, simply click on the ‘trash can’ icon and restore it. As the storage keeps getting used, check the % storage full vs. available from the G-Drive main screen.

#2 Friendly with Microsoft Office

You can create ‘Google Doc’, ‘Google Sheet’ or ‘Google Slide’ and saved it for later edits by your co-workers. However, if your project mate is not comfortable editing data on Google Drive itself, or if he doesn’t use this application at all, he can simply download the shared sheet and it will automatically be saved as a Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft PPT file, from which you can make changes to the content easily. Therefore, instead of exchanging back-&-forth emailers, it’s so much easier to simply open the required document & edit it, without even having to take the trouble to click ‘Save’, as all changes made to the sheet by the participants are automatically ‘saved’ in real-time manner.

#3 Giving Different Levels of Access

A same Google Doc sheet can be shared with different audiences and each can be given a different level of access. Wow! That means, you need not worry about issues associated with mishandling of projects, as only the right person is given power to ‘edit’, while others can just be partial ‘viewers’. The ‘edit’ option gives the recipient authority to make changes to the file and even move the file to another path or delete it. One can even re-share the same document with whosoever they wish to. That means literally giving full-access to your work to someone else. Therefore, pass on the ‘edit’ rights to only those colleagues you truly trust. If you choose to assign ‘view’ rights, that means, the person will only be able to view the documents in the folder, but not be able to make any changes to them. There is one more special option called ‘can comment’, where the recipient can add comments and make suggestions on the sheet, but can’t edit it directly or share it with anyone else.

#4 Secured Encryption

Is Google Drive really safe to store confidential work or personal data on the cloud storage? The answer is, it is indeed secure, as Google encrypts every file that is stored and shared on this cloud. Google uses 256-bit advanced Encryption Standard (AES) on all its servers and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to protect the data while sharing it further. However, to make this full-proof, make sure you login to the Drive only from your personal laptop and not on an unknown PC or borrowed laptop. Files from Google Drive get synchronized easily with the third-party laptop or PC, thereby increasing chances of vulnerability. And ofcourse, always use two-factor authentication to prevent hackers from performing mischievous acts to your folders.

TechnoKids Teaches Kids to Share Projects Via Google Drive

TechnoKids infuses students with Digital Literacy, and keeps them abreast of the latest technology that is used in the real world by people and corporates. The modules are designed keeping the STEAM curriculum introduced in most schools across the world, including Dubai & GCC regions of the Middle East. The hands-on project based learning, makes it fun & interesting for students to understand important computer skills, through playful activities, competitions & assignments.

To give you an idea TechnoKids Primary curriculum has the following lessons; TechnoPainter (creating art with Microsoft Paint), TechnoGallery (using Google Drawings and Slides to explore digital art tools) and TechnoBookmarking (creating a flip-book using PowerPoint). Students not only explore & curate interesting projects online, but also learn to share it with the teacher & classmates, via Google Drive. 

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