Use of Science in Our Daily Lives

While growing up, all of us must have had a chance to learn about legendary figures such as Aristotle or Galileo Galilei. They were considered one of the few people who pioneered techniques of logic, inquiry and observation, thereby making significant discoveries and spearheading the subject of science. While science by definition is the study of how the universe works but it is ever-changing in nature and a blessing to the human race. Science and scientific discoveries are the main reason why our lives have been enhanced in comparison to what it was in the earlier centuries. This is why brands like Carolina continue to provide top-notch educational kits and digital resources all across Dubai, UAE, GCC and the Middle East so students can get their hands on quality education in science. And to further encourage their interest in this subject, let’s understand the uses of science in our daily lives.

Examples of science being used in our day-to-day activities:

  1. We use various types of automobiles such as cars, bikes; cycles etc. to commute daily, all of these are inventions of science.
  2. All the packaged food products we have in our homes are also a result of scientific discoveries made in the food industry
  3. Medicine itself is an excellent example of science playing an important factor in our daily lives as it has transformed the pharmaceutical industry all across the globe.
  4. Even the use of soap is a scientific invention as soap is made with the help of multiple chemicals.
  5. Cooking requires heat energy and that is also a scientific discovery.

From the clothes we wear to the programs we watch on our phones, all of these are consequences of the advancement of science. And platforms such as Carolina are encouraging students to understand the importance of it alongside feeding their curiosity for this unending subject.

The importance of science in daily life

While some refuse to understand the sheer importance of science in daily life, without it, our lifestyle would go back to what it was in the stone-age.


This entire industry is largely based on scientific inventions and has largely influenced the lives of people in a positive way. All medicines that we use in everyday life are a result of science and even machinery, equipment and testing methods such as CT-scan etc. are scientific developments.


Today, we are living in a global village as science has transformed the way we keep in touch with people. The advent of 5G internet and high-quality video calling are all results of scientific research and inventions


In earlier times, people discovered a wheel and that led to the scientific discovery of transportation. We started with horse carts and handheld carts and now our world is moving towards automatic vehicles and space cars. All of this is possible only through continuous research and scientific inventions.


Agriculture and food is largely based on what we learn in biology and along with multiple technologically advanced scientific inventions, we have come a long way. From the kind of seeds we sow to the irrigation methods we use, all of this is given to us by science.

Our entire livelihood is based on science and it plays an important factor in how we enhance our standards of living. Science has made the world what it is and it continues to grow and open new possibilities of discoveries. If students today understand the true value of it, they hold the potential to do wonders in this world.

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