Best Implementation of ERP Software to Aid Teachers’ Skills And Enhance The Quality Of Education In Schools

Integrating an ERP system into your educational institute has manifold advantages. It not only helps efficiently manage the school’s administrative tasks but also plays an important role in improving the quality of education imparted, by assisting teachers in various ways. Wondering how that works? Read through the Blog to find out more.

Makes Lesson Planning Simpler

Every educator has to abide by a ‘plan’ or a teaching schedule that needs to be prepared in advance so as to smoothly manage the flow of lessons to be taught in class. A Lesson Plan makes it easier to refer to the ‘topic’ that needs to be covered in that day’s session. Imagine how tedious it could get for the teacher to physically write down the lesson plan for each day in a book. An ERP system eliminates this process. The teacher simply has to feed in the data only once, and the rest of the process is automated. This eliminates chances of error or losing important notes written on paper. Many IB schools across Dubai and other GCC regions including UAE, readily adopt the school ERP technology to provide an enhanced experience to students and parents.

Efficient Exam Management

Imagine how tense things get when it’s exam time! Not only are students stressed about completing their portion, but even teachers have to gear up to face the fury! There are test papers to prepare and student-wise schedules to be kept ready. However, with the new ERP Examination Management System, bid your worries goodbye. The software manages every task end-to-end; from sending notifications about exam dates to parents, to communicating the chapters covered under each subject; and even sending practice papers or model papers for the benefit of students. Advanced ERPs even provide a bank of important questions and the examiner simply has to choose a set of subjective or objective questions that need to be included in the Question Paper and the job is done!

Maintaining Academic Records

The ERP platform can also be customized to auto-correct test papers and compute marks on behalf of the examiner. Checking every child’s examination paper does get a little cumbersome, and it’s best to leave the task to the expert ERP system. One can even track the student’s past performance, at a click of the button. One may download the stats of all students in chart form and get a bird’s eye view of their performances. This vital information gives the subject teacher an idea of where students are lacking and which ‘concept’ needs to be re-visited.

Preparing Digital Report Cards

Instead of writing comments and printing physical report cards, the ERP saves a lot of cost and time. Preparing a digital report card is as simple as, choosing an appropriate format, correctly allocating marks per subject from the databank, choosing the pre-fed comments based on the performance, and sending the report card to parents in e-format on their emails. It’s even easier to preserve the e-report cards and there’s no chance of misplacement or damage.

Seamless Communication

Gone are those days when the school diary was used as a medium of communication between schools and parents. With the ERP software, teachers can interact with parents via Google classroom, send emailers, or even forward notifications via the school app. Timely details regarding upcoming field trips, celebrations in school, and updates about the child’s progress can be achieved effortlessly via this online medium. Live tracking of the school bus and access to CCTV surveillance footages on request are additional perks availed by integrating with a school ERP platform. When parents feel connected and involved with the school, they remain happy and are positive about their child’s future prospects.


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