Be A Fitness Ambassador: Attempt The TechnoFitness Challenge

We often hear the statement ‘health is wealth’. This statement couldn’t be truer than now and its importance is growing each day. The seeds of a healthy lifestyle and good food habits have to be sown when the child is young and in school. It is the teacher’s duty to make children realize how important physical, mental, and social wellbeing is and encourage them to follow it as a ‘number one’ priority. Learning about the importance of health & wellness is pretty boring if it were to be mugged up from a textbook.


About TechnoFit

The famous TechnoKids platform has introduced the ‘TechnoFit’ curriculum to drive children to learn about fitness in a unique way. The module includes numerous hands-on activities and group challenges which makes the whole learning process quite exciting and rewarding. The TechnoKids curriculum has become quite popular amongst parents and educational institutes in Dubai and other regions of the UAE, who wish to teach their children computer lessons, in a fun & engaging way.

Be Fit Challenge

Students become elite members of the TechnoFit Club and undertake the ‘Be Fit Challenge’. To start with, children are first made aware of healthy eating and exercise habits. After the basic knowledge is gained, students must follow the same practice and challenge themselves to live a healthy lifestyle.

The next step is to prep up and design a digital ‘food guide’ and online ‘fitness posters’ to prepare for the on-ground ‘Be Fit’ event. The celebration begins by dividing students into teams and competing with each other to present ‘healthy dishes’ and ‘recipes’ that can be replicated in normal day-to-day living. Students use their creativity and Graphic design skills to curate an ‘e-Menu’ and ‘Invitation Cards’ to send out to parents, teachers, and staff in school, thereby inviting them to their stall. Here’s a breakup of the tasks that are to be undertaken in a systematic manner:

Session 1

Students join the TechnoFit Club (TFC) where the unanimous motto is ‘Eat Right, Be Fit, Live Well.’ Students watch the ‘The Be Fit Challenge’ video and they get to understand the importance of diet and exercise. Each kid who signs up for the challenge is presented with a membership card. This card is designed by students themselves and includes their names, picture, and other information.

Session 2

Participants learn about a balanced diet and what to include in everyday mealtime to get the right amount of nutrition and energy to nourish the body. Children then design a ‘Be Fit Food Guide’ to spread the importance of a balanced diet further. To make the Guide interesting, children collect pictures of food items and organize them under the various Food Group headings. This way it is a constant reminder for students to make healthy food choices.

Session 3

Students perform the right kind of exercise, and make posters to highlight the various exercises to be practiced daily. Putting up the poster at a prominent place in the school premises and home sets a cue to take a break from studies and dedicate 30 minutes of rigorous physical exercise at any time through the day. Making posters again & again will only give the child more practice on various design aspects

Session 4

Students use Microsoft Publisher to create a side-fold ‘card’ and an ‘invite’ to be sent out to the audience and jury members with the schedule of the events. The aim is to welcome all health & fitness-conscious audiences to the ‘Be Fit’ final event.

Session 5

It’s time to show who’s the fittest at The ‘Be Fit’ challenge event. All Food Groups display their food items and flex their muscles before the esteemed jury panel; which includes; teachers, staff, parents, and co-students.

Session 6

An elaborate award ceremony is well deserved and all participants rightfully earn a Certificate. This certificate is designed by the students themselves for all TechnoFit members, using the Microsoft Publisher tool. Hurry, it’s time to celebrate – you are now Certified as Healthy!

The Project Includes The Following Materials

Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, Customizable Resources, Assessment Tools, Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, and Certificates.

Tech Skills Gained

Publishing, Graphics, and Word Processing.

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