School Radio Platform Promotes Confidence, Communication, and Creativity Amongst Students

School is one of the first public places that a kid visits regularly. Communication is the key anywhere and at any place.
To improve, enhance and encourage communication skills, schools have School Radio. School Radio is a medium to ease communication among students of different age groups and levels.

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School Radio:

Most schools in GCC, Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East introduce innovative ways to impart learning and communication skills to their students. Students are also eager to adopt technology-based ways rather than old ways.
International schools in GCC, Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East boost confidence in their students by employing different techniques. One such way is through School Radio. It makes it hassle-free for the teachers, students, and parents/guardians to stay on the same page regarding school activities and performance.

If you want to help students build confidence and improve their communication skills, you need to up your game and introduce School Radio.


It is a great initiative by the school for the students. It will help raise confident and well-spoken individuals. With the world’s pace, the kids need to be multi-talented. It is just one step closer to giving them more character, expertise, and a new skill.

This talent-based activity is by the students, and for the students. 

The UAE is one of the growing hubs for multiple arenas globally, and schools here have a greater responsibility to enable the wards with talent and education.


When you employ School Radio in your school, you will be empowering your students and even teachers to evolve in a new direction. They would be able to explore new opportunities and areas of interest.

The students, teachers, and even parents in GCC, Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East can benefit. There is a list of activities that can get done on School Radio. The list includes:

  • News
  • Promotional activities
  • Talk Shows
  • Drama
  • Discussions on issues
  • Announcements of competitions
  • Announcements of school or student’s achievements
  • Music


School Radio has proved to be favorable for all the parties involved to make the school a better learning environment in many different nations.
School Radio has benefits for students as individuals and the school as a community. In the Middle East, a lot of its population is not native. Most of the population in the GCC speaks a different language from the official language.
The benefits to all the parties include:

  • Developing skills for speaking as well as listening
  • Learning new words
  • Gaining knowledge by listening
  • Builds confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Helping kids with learning and writing better
  • Empowerment to the students to voice their opinions and even concerns
  • Inclusion for kids and students of all levels
  • Sense of authority and responsibility to the students
  • Gaining extra knowledge apart from the curriculum
  • Including topics from the curriculum to reinforce major topics of the syllabi
  • Ease of use
  • Wider scope of use
  • Free resources

School Radio Packages and Products:

There are many packages offered by School Radio to cater to schools of all budgets. There are even starter packages to entertain schools with a tight budget.

The products or devices that would come with the School Radio are:
• 2 microphones
• 19inch screen
• Built-in USB myriad channels
• 1 VoIP live channel (Skype)
• Mic Live
• Mini-tower with 4GB Ram, Intel G3 Processor, 1TB hard drive
• Wireless keyboard and mouse
• Windows 10 Pro OS

School Radio is a great opportunity for students and will prove a great investment with multiple benefits.

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