Children’s Books That Fosters A Love for Learning Math

There are story books on a plethora of different themes that cover important aspects of geography, history, science, and literature. These books satisfy the curiosity amongst youngsters and give them an opportunity to read in greater depth about topics that interests them. Children naturally seek answers to questions that are not usually readily available in school textbooks, and story books or novels fill this gap by sharing rich research-worthy content for learners.

For a subject like math, where every student gets jitters and builds anxiety for numbers there are story books available that light-heartedly cover concepts of counting, patterns, shapes, fractions, amongst others, to help the reluctant learners build confidence in the subject. The colorful characters and attractive story-line makes It an interesting read and children are intrigued to learn more as against giving excuses.

Like many inspiring pieces of children’s literature, most math picture books feature; animals, superheroes, jungle scenes, and magic tricks, to build up an interesting storyline. Through this Blog, we aim to highlight some interesting topic-wise math story books for preschoolers and elementary graders.

Basic Counting Skills

Story books that teach ‘counting’ are extremely helpful to aid hands-on learning for newbie children who are just learning to count or even those who have a hang of counting, but need to brush-up their counting game!


How Many Snails?

A Counting Book by Paul Giganti Along with counting, children also get to apply their power of observation to group similar objects, and sort them out as per their characteristics like; color & style. As you turn the pages, the eye-catching illustrations offer praise-worthy visuals that intrigue kids and get them excited about counting. There are also a set of questions listed on the pages, which tests the student’s power of observation. 

1, 2, 3 to the zoo by Eric Carle

A bandwagon of animals are heading to the zoo on a train! As interesting as it sounds, the journey keeps getting more adventurous as different animals hop on into the train coach and have fun travelling together, while children engross themselves in counting the number of ‘add on’ page after page. At the end of the book, the entire train is shown with all the animals together, so that kids can once again practice counting.

One Hundred Hungry Ants

A colony of 100 ants are making their way to a picnic spot to get some yummy food for themselves. As they march forward, the ants break into different groups and formations showing different divisions of one hundred. This book is great for children who want to learn about grouping higher numbers.

Addition and Subtraction

Once preschoolers have learnt to count correctly, children now proceed to books that teach them about addition and subtraction.

Ten Apples Up On Top! by Dr. Seuss

Three animal friends decide to stack apples and balance them on their heads. Are you joining along? Don’t let the apples drop, and count as many as you can. Children learn addition up to 10 while cracking up reading Dr. Seuss style punchlines and one liners.

More Than and Less Than Equations

These books help children compare the greater numbers vs. the smaller one and learn to place the symbol correctly.

Ready, Set, Hop! By Stuart J. Murphy

Froggie friends Matty and Moe jump from one stone to the other in an attempt to reach the other side of the pond first. Matty hops 3 stones away and Moe hops 4 stones more than Matty. So, this means, children have to compare 3 and 7 and derive this equation 3 < 7. Children learn the concept of more than, and lesser than and write the equations correctly.

Along with story books, students can also enjoy math activities on the Mathseeds app. This is a digital platform adopted by schools in progressive regions such as Dubai and UAE, to shift focus from boring pen & paper assignments, to interesting story-like lessons which feature interesting characters and eye-catching visuals. Designed especially for children aged 3-9, this program encompasses all important concepts with a delightful twist. To learn more and subscribe to Mathseeds in GCC or any other Middle Eastern country, visit our website: <link>

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