Traditional Classroom Learning Vs. Online Sessions: Which One Is Better?

School is the foremost fountain of knowledge that children are exposed to. It gives them a chance to acquire knowledge regarding a variety of fields such as literature, history, politics, mathematics, people, science, etc. Our children are the future of the world and as with every generation that follows another, it has seen some significant qualitative and quantitative growth in schooling and education. The learning process one experiences and goes through in their youth is definitely one of the main factors that lead to the kind of person they grow up to be as adults.

Ever since the pandemic struck the world, all the schools were closed, and it was not until a few months later that they started to conduct schools online so as to make sure that the children do not miss out on valuable experiences in their youth. While it has proven beneficial for some students and has borne no fruits for others, some argue that they may be losing vital experiences of life in their youth.

Here are the differences between Online Sessions and Classroom Learning

Schooling experience

Schools have always provided more than books, teachers and studying in a building. They are stages for the kids to indulge in their passions or hobbies and find something more than just completing their syllabus for that semester. While some children might find such an environment stressful, it has been known to be an important experience in a person’s developing years.

On the other hand, some contest that children who wish to study at home due to loss of focus in the environment of schools should be allowed to do so and Online Learning is the ideal way to make this happen. It offers less distraction allowing students to get the most out of their time.

Parents and their involvement

Traditional schools offer parents very few chances to be involved in their child’s life. Only on occasions of Parent-Teacher meets, Reviewing homework or school events are parents ever called to school. Many parents can feel out-of-sync with their children when that end-of-year report card arrives.

Online learning rectifies this by the ability given to parents to be in constant touch with the teachers regarding the grades, remarks, complaints or even compliments given to the students. They can play an active role by helping monitor attendance, progress and comprehension.

Safety and personalized learning

Children can be shy in traditional schools which can lead to them being bullied sometimes. This becomes a harrowing experience for a child. Online schools nullify this worry and help children escape the environment they may dislike due to bullying.

Along with this much-appreciated solution, some kids may find it hard to stick to a timetable all the time in a traditional setting. Online schools solve this problem by a flexible schedule that is personalized in every way according to the child’s needs and is accepted by the parent to have shown improvement in the child’s performance.


NLP or Next Learning Platform is an out-of-the-box school management solution that improves academic efficiency and enhances school operations by integrating the best of both traditional and digital methods. It offers a combination of the digital tools required by a school such as ERP, LMS, adaptive assessments, content, etc. This helps students to gain insights into students’ learning like never before while enhancing the productivity of the school staff. Their online lectures have found considerable growth in the Middle East by agreement from the GCC. Countries like the UAE have implemented these in cities like Dubai.

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