Numerous Advantages of Adopting The Leave Management System In Your Educational Institution

Accounting for leaves and attendance is an important function of the administrative team in any educational set-up. Unlike earlier times, where the records needed to be maintained in a physical register, today ‘leave management’ is a part of the school’s ERP system. Any medium sized institute would have anywhere between 70 to 100 or even more staff comprising of teachers, principal, helpers, administrative team, and other visiting faculty to conduct sessions for children. Moreover, the number of students might be around 200 to 300, and to keep a proper track record of their attendance is a big task.

Over the last 10-12 years a number of schools across the globe including Dubai in the Middle East, have adopted one or the other, ERP Leave Management software for all the right reasons. With the boom in the EdTech space in many nations, such as UAE, GCC, Americas, Europe, and even India, the automated processes is transforming the administrator’s job role and making it easy for them to manage the hardcore work, especially that of leave management.

The Next Learning Platform (NLP) is a popular SaaS-based mixed learning platform, which is also the world’s first-of-its kind and provides its solutions to over 1,200+ schools, across 300+ cities. The tool is highly customizable and acts as a catalyst in improving the efficiency across academic and operative functions. One of its offerings also includes a sophisticated ‘Leave Management system’ that reduces paperwork and makes downloading attendance reports easy, which comes handy while calculating ‘payable salary’ at the end of the month.

Here are some advantages of an efficient Leave Management System:

Track and record staff’s leaves

The leave management program basically gives an overview to the admin about the efficiency of the staff based on their commitment to be on time, to regularly fulfill their duties, and not take too many leaves without there being any urgency. One can apply a filter and also get a function-wise understanding, as to whether the teaching staff has many ‘red marks’ or the helping staff needs a more prudent approach, by changing & re-evaluating the leave policies.

Keeping All Stakeholders Involved Notified

Every institute has a different structure of how many leaves they allocate under each of bracket; personal leave, sick leave, casual leave, maternity leave, and so on. Once these are fed into the system a reminder is sent to the recipient of any upcoming holidays and the residual leaves that he or she is eligible to receive. At the same time, a timely update is notified to the accounts team, so that they can process the pay-roll based on the actuals.

Offers affordability

Being fully automated, there is little or no human intervention required to run the Leave Management system. It works seamlessly with the existing ERP software adopted by the school. This reduces the cost of resources and cuts down on hefty expenses spent on hiring manpower. Along with costs, even a great deal of time is saved.

Safe to Use

Any school IT solution has sensitive data such as; contact details of parents, their annual income, medical history of the child, academic track records of children, personal employee information etc. Data security is of utmost importance, and most EdTech ERP systems come with advanced data encryption features that prevent unauthorized people from accessing any personal data. Also, since it is a cloud-based network, data can be accessed from any location with the aid of an Internet connection and the chances of data getting lost is minimal.

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