Easy Technology Projects for Kids at Home

Technology was and will always be an inevitable part of our lives. We have seen it evolve from the oldest centuries to the present day. The human race has incredibly outdone itself and has made tremendous progress. You name it and there has been advancement in technology in several areas be it aerospace, agriculture, architecture, artificial intelligence, business, communication, construction, education, electronics, energy, entertainment, manufacturing, medicine, nuclear power, space, transport, etc. Take Dubai for example, it was predominantly desert land and in the 21st century, it has remarkably become a top-notch Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. Like the West, Dubai has opportunities galore and it too has surpassed supreme levels of technology and indeed has the crème de la crème in terms of its affluent offerings for its residents. The other Middle East and GCC countries are also attracting people from over the globe to live and succeed here, in such places that reciprocate to technological growth in multi sectors.

Hence, in this fast-paced world, we have to be abreast at all times and keep moving along. One has to embrace innovation and every day is a work in progress in the littlest of each person’s capacity to contribute to the wellbeing of society where technology only goes uphill. There are still a few of us who prefer to be old school but the better obviously, would be to ace up our game and be tech savvy in all aspects of life to flourish collectively into even a brighter future that belongs to mankind. It is extremely imperative to utilize this technology wisely and to not misuse it for ulterior motives that are devastating, bringing doom to the very society that we wish truly prospers. Children are precious jewels to be smartly moulded. In fact, today’s gen-next kids are organically inclined towards technology from a small age and the ones who are not can be made to gravitate towards it by consciously getting them interested in ideas and things related to technology. The initial steps can be taken by introducing them to simple concepts through play, art, and craft. These will enlighten them with the current and the past technologies that were invented, will retain their interest while them being curious to learn more. You may have future astronauts, doctors, engineers, scientists, and plenty more in the making. Below mentioned are some easy technology projects for your kids at home.

Remembering Alexander Graham Bell

Neither we adults nor children can do without cellular technology. This great man invented the telephone in the 18th century and there has been revolution in the area of communication since then. This basic art and craft activity requires home items to make a string telephone with the help of paper cups and strings. Through this, children would learn how sound waves were first transferred. To demonstrate it, a tiny hole would have to be poked at the bottom of each cup. The approx. 20 meters string would have to be thread through each cup tying knots at each end of the cups. Then the parent and child can be positioned at a slight distance holding cups at either ends so that the string doesn’t touch anything. Now one person talks into the cup and the other listens while placing their cup on their ear and that is how the science behind it would be known to the child.

Secret Games

This is an absolute fun activity wherein the child will learn another science-based concept. Children love to play secret games and pass on notes to their friends all in good light. The child would write any message or draw any picture on a piece of white paper. With the aid of an adult, they would use a cotton swab and dip it in a solution of squeezed lemon juice mixed with water. That swab would be rubbed over the paper which would make the message or picture invisible. Then they would share the secret paper with their sibling and the other person would reveal the message for themselves by placing the paper under sunlight or by holding it close to a light bulb again being careful and being monitored by an adult. The learning aspect is that the water dilution to the lemon juice made it invisible and the lemon juice being a natural substance oxidizes and turns brown when it gets heat and thus the secret message or picture is revealed.


Much as children enjoy secret games, they love to be navigators and search experts. This easy yet interesting activity would lead them to become travel enthusiasts and they could be happily globetrotting the world in the future. Parents can play quizzes and search games and help children navigate different places around the world on a digital world map or on digital maps of individual countries available on a computer. That way they would learn to read maps and get to know countries and their capitals and popular cities in every country. They would then be made to search for similar places on the corresponding physical world map or individual maps of countries. This is great learning for them and a good amalgam, combining digital technology and physical charts thereby strengthening Geography as well.


It is the in-thing with the children world over. Coding is known as the language of the future. These are technology based online lessons they can learn through any web-based learning platform. All the child needs at home is a computer or a laptop and an internet connection. Coding can be learnt easily without the child having any prior background with the same. It can begin as early as from eight years of age, going upwards. Coding teaches real text-based programming in a game-like manner. In simple terms, our computer functions when we give it a particular command or an order, that language here is known as a Code.

Bubble Fun

This is a most loved activity. It just gives one unimaginable joy blowing air bubbles and watching them glide in the air. There is a fun factor involved but it is excellent for building children’s oral motor skills and also helps them develop small muscles in their mouths. They are then able to eat and swallow easily and speak with clear sounds. In order to execute this task, a small hole would have to be made at the bottom base of a plastic or a paper cup. A straw would be made to pass through the hole halfway into the cup. Then the child has to dip the mouth of the cup into a bowl of bubble solution made with dish soap and water and then blow. They will gleefully see bubbles blowing in the air.

Movie time

Who doesn’t like watching movies and wouldn’t it be lovely to convert a room into a mini theatre at home? That is what this activity is all about. It is for slightly older children who can with the help of a shoebox and few other items build a smartphone projector for movie watching on a screen slide or an empty wall at home. The child would need a shoebox of which he or she would use one side to cut out a circle as per the diameter of the magnifying lens. The handle of any magnifying lens needs to be cut off and the round portion of the lens needs to be attached to one side of the shoe box. Prior to that the shoe box would have to be covered with black paper. Then once the lens is placed, the smartphone screen has to be positioned near the lens. The phone has to be supported by another cardboard for it to stay static and project the movie on the lens. The technology is that the lens will invert the video and that will be projected on the empty wall at home. The family can grab a bowl of popcorn and have an amazing time. Children can be made to feel so empowered by achieving such tiny feats.

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