TechnoKids: Computer Lessons for Every Age Group

TechnoKids Computer Curriculum is a collection of technology projects that provide engaging computer activities for K-12 students. Each technology venture teaches different current technologies and STEM skills such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Coding, Programming, Innovation, 3D Printing, and many more. Since the introduction of these computer lesson plans, countries like UAE have shown great promise in inculcating these into the lives of their children, with Dubai being at the forefront of it.

It offers lessons digitally for schools, learning centres, and home-schools. TechnoKids divides projects into different categories. We have lesson plans for kids in Kindergarten to Grade 12.


This module includes technology projects for beginners. Activities are useful to Grade 1-3. Thoroughly ready lesson plans introduce computer skills to young children. The Primary Curriculum Collection includes 8 technology projects fit for kids in Grade 1-3 or ages 5-8. The collection involves TechnoBookmaking, TechnoFit, TechnoGallery, TechnoMe, TechnoPainter, TechnoStart, TechnoStories, and TechnoWhiz. Each project has a simple teacher guide for lesson planning, reproducible worksheets to strengthen learning, and customizable resources. The collection consists of learning by publishing stories, writing non-fiction books, producing slideshows, coding games and more. Instructional material is included for Google Docs, Office Offline, Office 2013/2016/2019 and Scratch Jr.

Technology skill: Publishing, Digital Citizenship, Graphics, Presentation, Programming and Word Processing.



Technology projects that integrate digital learning into curriculum. Activities are ideal for Grades 3-6. Student-centered lessons promote the practical usage of technology. The Junior Curriculum Collection includes 12 technology projects perfect for kids in Grade 3-6 or ages 8-12. The collection consists of TechnoCandy, TechnoEditor, TechnoResearch, TechnoToon, TechnoInternet, TechnoJournal, TechnoPresenter, TechnoSite, TechnoTales, TechnoTimeline, TechnoTrivia and TechnoTurtle. High-interest themes flawlessly fit into subject areas such as language, arts, math, social studies or visual arts. The collection comprises instructional materials for Google Docs and Microsoft Office.

Technology skill imparted: Animation, Publishing, Digital Citizenship, Graphics, Internet, Presentation, Programming, Spreadsheet, Web Design and Word Processing.

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The Intermediate Curriculum Collection includes technology projects perfect for teenagers in Grades 6-9 or ages 11-14. The collection consists of TechnoBiography, TechnoBudget, TechnoCode, TechnoEarth, TechnoDebate, TechnoEnvironment, TechnoHTML5, TechoMap, TechnoNewsletter, TechnoPython, TechnoQuestionnaire, TechnoRestaurateur and TechnoTravel. Every project has a comprehensive teacher guide for curriculum planning, student workbook to promote independence and personalized resources to implement learning. Integrate the activities as part of a curriculum unit, computer class, or after-school program. The collection has instructional materials for Google Docs, Office Online, Scratch and Python.

Technology skill imparted: Publishing, Digital Citizenship, Graphics, Internet, Photo Editing, Presentation, Programming, Spreadsheet, Web Design and Word Processing.



Technology projects that challenge teenagers to master advanced computer skills. Projects are fit for Grades 8-12. Activities emphasize practical and real-world applications of technology. Prepare students for higher learning and career preparedness. The Senior Curriculum Collection includes 8 technology projects ideal for teenagers in Grades 8-12 or ages 12 and up. The collection consists of TechnoAdvertise, TechnoMission, TechnoSpecialist, TechnoPhotoshop, TechnoInvestor, TechnoPlanner, TechnoWonderland and TechnoAnimate. Each project includes an easy-to-use teacher guide for curriculum planning, student workbook to urge independence and customizable resources to support learning. Activities are illustrated, have step-by-step instructions with clear, easy to understand examples. Teach students word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, desktop publishing, graphic design, and information management skills they need to achieve success in life. Incorporate real-world activities as part of a curriculum unit, computer class or school club.

Technology skill imparted: Animation, Data Management, Database, Publishing, Digital Publishing, Graphics, Internet, Photo Editing, Spreadsheet, Web Design and Word Processing

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