Reasons Why Young Readers And Parents Love E-Reading Platforms

Children often make excuses when it’s time to pick up a book and read. They find it boring and lack the focus that’s required to comprehend the verse from a story book. If you are one of those parents who have to pester and bribe your child to sit still and dedicate 30 minutes to reading time, then be assured that you are not alone in this bitter-sweet battle!

Apps That Make Reading an Enjoyable Experience

If you don’t consider yourself as a bookworm to have a dedicated reading bookshelf in your home, but still wished your child made diligent efforts to read, then we have a perfect solution for you. Simply navigate to the Google Play Store or Apple Store on your mobiles or iPads and search for ‘best reading apps for kids’. Your search query would be answered with 1,000 of relevant reading apps that are free for download. Some of the popular names amongst them are; Learn with Homer, Reading Rainbow App, Hoopla, and the Highlights Library Reading. Now let your child’s reading journey begin! Children will be amused by the app’s themes, meet new characters, interact with the platform, and learn new things, without feeling obligated to fulfil the mundane task of reading

Why should you encourage your child to read?

It’s important as a parent for you to give your child that push that is required. If you sat down and explained to your child about the many short-term and long-term benefits of reading then they would probably shrug it off as a passing remark. On the other hand, the child would get excited If he won stars for reading and collected gold coins on his way to becoming a fluent reader. It is said that ‘if you want to please your child, you need to be one yourself’. Most reading apps are gamified and come power-packed with lots of interesting activities to keep the child engaged for a longer period of time.

How do these Reading Apps Motivate Kids?

Free apps offer a variety of books to improve your child’s reading skills. So, if your child likes a particular genre of fiction tale, biography, short stories, or even poems, then he can pick that type of book and start reading it on the app. If the child wants to take a break then he can easily pause and get back to it later. It is extremely easy to access these reading apps and its user-friendliness gives the child a sense of independence. As mentioned earlier, the in-apps awards and reward points further boost the child’s self-confidence and they resume the ‘story’ with more enthusiasm.

Improves Pronunciation

Children can read stories aloud on the reading apps and learn the correct pronunciation through the apps. When children read a sentence, it is auto evaluated and a score is reflected to indicate the accuracy with which the sentence was pronounced. Some apps even have an in-built read aloud features by which the sentence is read in audio mode. Now the learner simply repeats it and the more he practices, the better he gets at pronouncing words. Also, when your child reads the story out loud, more than one sense is being used like, eyes to read, mouth to speak, brain to adapt the information and sense of touch to use the touchscreen on the smart device.


You can use the reading app from any part of the world. So, if your child is in Dubai or some country in the Middle East, they can still access it easily without any fuss. Few apps provide the option to download books so that learning is continued even in offline mode when one might not have access to the internet. These apps can be easily downloaded on any electronic device such as smartphones and tablets. You can fit these devices in your bag easily and even take them wherever you go, so your child will get quick access to these apps. The best part is that they won’t have to wait at a library or a bookstore to buy more books as they can simply open the reading app and start imagining to be as beautiful as Cinderella.


Children love it when they get rewarded with something because it makes them feel like they’re being appreciated. The Highlights Library reading app goes one step further to appreciate every child’s reading skills by rewarding them with stars or points after they complete reading a certain number of pages. This motivates them to read more.


An instant feedback is way more effective than being corrected at a later date. Feedback ensures that child doesn’t repeat the same mistake while ‘pronouncing a word incorrectly’ or ‘misspelling phonetic sounds’. The feedback is given by a virtual tutor who is experienced and expert in the field. So, you don’t have to worry anymore about your child going wrong.

More About Highlights – Highlights Library is a digital reading platform that will help your child discover their love for reading. Highlights Library offers thousands of books that are easily accessible online. It helps in improving every child’s imagination by offering a variety of genres for children to choose from. To begin your Highlights reading journey simply visit: whether you are located in the UAE, GCC, or reside in any other continent, across the world.

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