Learning Math on Mobile App vs. Tutoring

Learning in a school setting is something that most of us are used to, until the pandemic hit the world and sent it spiraling into a state of surprise. There were a lot of changes made that took a while to get used to, from offices to transports to grocery shopping, but no change was harder than schools having to conduct their day-to-day activities online. Classes conducted online had teachers scrambling and students confused regarding their studies. In such times, a fairly old yet untried method of education was opted for – online education.

Today’s digital age students have greater access than ever before to a range of mobile applications designed to act as supplemental education resources. This transition may have been a surprise but it also turned out to be a boon for some students.

Subjects like English Literature, History or Geography were easily taught and studied online, but the problem arose when a subject like Mathematics came into the picture. A subject like Maths needs hands-on work from both teachers and students as it is one of the most important subjects that is used across fields of work. Many then wondered how this would be done.

We look at some points discussing App learning and In-person learning:

The obvious convenience of eLearning

With interactive learning resources being available at the click of a button, education can be accessed anywhere at any time. No longer is there need to travel to and fro and adjusting schedules or face other such inconveniences. Families can take these apps anywhere their device can travel, meaning that on-the-go learning is now a reality.

Different ways of learning

It’s been scientifically proven that kids learn in different ways. Some are visual learners; others gain knowledge by reading and still may need hands-on teaching to get their brains going. The beauty of eLearning apps is that they aren’t limited to one format of learning. Their interactive nature makes them visually engrossing as well as ignite parts of the brain to play competitions and earn reward. They can play math games with rich graphics, simple text and challenges that stimulate the brain.

Instant, Personalized feedback

Students want prompt and personalized feedback for their efforts. A simple “good job” or “needs improvement” is not good enough. A personalized feedback highlighting the students’ strengths and what needs work helps the student feel like the teacher cares and is paying attention. Critique and praise should be customized when possible. E-learning apps are very useful here. Being automated, there is no lag time between the module completion and resulting scores. Moreover, the apps will re-route the student to missed questions and provide hints to get the correct answer rather than simply talking about the scores or the attempted questions.


The cost of hiring in-person tutor depends greatly on the specific program, the instructor and the length of time of enrolment. Most mobile learning apps are a very cost-effective option. There might be a fee for download and in-app purchases to customize the information and this saves hundreds of dollars every month. For this reason, a lot of the parents are thinking of opting for mobile learning apps for their children and the rest, are slowly turning towards the idea. Without any overhead, such as lights, franchise fees and more, these apps can deliver the same robust educational resources, only at a fraction of the cost.

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