Best Math Self-Learning Apps for Students of the 21st Century

In this highly digitally savvy age, we can’t help but depend on technology for reasons more than one. Even though schools are physically shut due to the pandemic, the teaching-learning process goes on as usual thanks to the internet and video conferencing Apps. It is evitable that children are constantly glued to laptops and iPads through the day. The question now arises is, how to make screen-time for children more productive? Can a subject as arduous as Math be taught by a handheld device?

As we know Google App Store and Apple Store open up a world of possibilities for us. There are Apps for every need of yours. Apps make our lives so much easier! There’s an App that tells you the number of steps you walked & calories you burnt. There are banking Apps and others allowing you to trade & invest at the click of a button. There are infinity number of shopping and gaming Apps to fulfill all your purchase & entertainment needs.

Educational Apps

Amongst the different categories of Apps available, there are ones that focus on self-education. These Apps intend to make learning fun by introducing the same concept taught in school, in a more interesting manner. Children will learn while playing, solving puzzles, and watching interesting graphic videos through these Apps. There are magazines, books, documentaries, and virtual classrooms, all for educational purposes. The Apple App Store alone has 75,000 educational apps covering a plethora of topics across subjects like Science, Math, Geography, English, and others. While there are over 5,00,000 educative Apps on Google Play Store for Android users.

Top Mathematics Apps for Self-Learning

Now when there is over exposure of information, it boils down to choosing the best. So, let’s have a look at some of the most preferred Math Apps available as of today, and understand what makes them special.


DoodleMath is an interesting Math App which personalizes lessons as per the child’s capabilities. Respecting every child’s individual pace of learning and taking into account their ages, DoodleMath focuses on reinforcing existing knowledge while gradually introducing new topics to the learners. This compliments the school’s Math syllabus and provides a perfect platform to practice & revise topics in a fun manner. What makes it even more power-packed is its comprehensive 20,000 + curriculum-aligned questions and teaching sessions to aid every type of learner. The cherry on the cake is that children are rewarded for every right answer, which encourages them to continue their efforts. The App is available for Android and iOS devices featuring 4 stars and 4.4 stars respectively.

Khan Academy

Have an exam coming up? The Khan Academy App is your go-to learning platform to brush up on stats, algebra and geometry skills. It presents a personalized learning library not only for students, but also for educators, private tutors, and homeschoolers. One can access over thousands of interactive exercises, quizzes, and tests through the App. In case you are finding it difficult or are stuck at a particular Math problem, the App prompts hints and provides a step-by-step guide to solve your queries. All video sessions are created by subject experts and the App is available for free download all over the world, include the Middle East. Indeed, an impressive 4.3 rating is a testament to young Math Champs who conquered their fear of the subject, and evolved as winners.

Rocket Math

How can you aim for the stars, if you haven’t taken time to build a rocket? Well, Rocket Math App focuses on building a strong foundation for Math skills amongst preschoolers and early elementary graders. The program focuses on brushing up basic Math skills like; addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. Staying true to its theme, children get to work through 26 levels- A to Z and reach space by meeting the challenges at different stages – take-off, orbit and finally conquer the universe. Teachers can create an EduAccount and buy seats equivalent to the number or students in class. This enables them to track and monitor the progress of each child. This App is freely available for all across continents, including the UAE.

Splash Math

There is a reason why 40 million kids from across the globe, including the GCC countries, love the Splash Math App. Driven by their agenda, the App aims to teach students Math, while also focusing on the child’s reading skills. This fun and educative platform is a huge favorite amongst preschoolers and Grade 1-5 learners. There are over 350 Math skills to be mastered, but not all in a day’s time! Students are encouraged to adopt skills through self-paced learning. The App extensively covers topics like; place value, telling time, counting, and comparing, through fun-filled games. While one also gets to learn about Phonics through exercises on sight word reding, comprehensions, tracing, and spellings.

Mathletics Students

Mathletics is the world’s leading Math educative program designed by educational experts and revered by millions of users. This handy App allows students to login at their preferred time, from their preferred devices, from remote locations even if they don’t have access to the net. Going for a holiday and not sure if the hotel’s WiFi is good enough? You can still manage to squeeze a 10-minute Word Solving practice session effortlessly in the App’s offline mode. Its latest update has added over 10,000 dynamic practice and fluency questions and 700+ problem solving and reasoning activities to build deep math understanding. Well known IB Schools in Dubai, encourage parents to track their child’s progress through the Mathletics App.

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