How To Have Fun With Microsoft Word Art

The digital tools teach you something new every day. One such incredible tool on Word is Word Art.

Do you know what’s Word Art?

It’s a fancy way of typing words by using unique styles. Technically, it means word art is a modifying feature on word for using text in a different or quirky manner.

You just have to select some words from your document that you wish to highlight or you can use it to teach your kids some creative styles of typing words on the computer. After you’ve selected some words on which you want a different style, you need to select the insert button and simply click on the word art. Next, you’ll see the different styles of fonts in different colors.

You can let your child pick their favorite colors and select the font. This will broaden their creative perspective and help them learn about various font styles. You can also teach your children to make quotes on their own with the help of word art. Tell them to select an image which they would like to have as a background, you can either add this image from your files or find it online. Later, you can help them in resizing the image according to the quote.

For example – If they wish to write the quote “Good Vibes Only,” then you can select an image of beautiful scenery or an image of balloons after that, you can ask your child to type the quote and add some intriguing styles to it. This will enhance the look of the quote and your child will learn new techniques as to how they can be creative on Microsoft word by using different styles of typing. Similarly, you can make different quotes by getting some inspiration online or creating them by yourself with your ideas.

From text fill to text outline, there are numerous styles designed on word art with exciting effects such as shadow, glow, reflection, 3D rotation, etc. These effects will not only help you to make your text stand out but also can be customized according to your preference and style.

You can also use the text fill feature to add solid colour or gradient to your text from the inside. This can help you produce a design of your type. Applying different styles like fills, outlines, shadows can make the document look different

The word art styles can be created as per your liking by paying attention to the details. Many teachers in GCC, Dubai and other parts of the world recommend using word art to enhance creativity and highlight the title or certain keywords in a document. If your child likes creativity then he/she is likely to be addicted to word art as it has various styles and types of fonts to explore.

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