Top 6 Netiquettes Tips for Conducting Virtual Sessions by Teachers

Since the lockdown rule came into existence all over the world, due to the current ongoing pandemic, many education institutions had no choice but continue educating children via an online medium. Thanks to the virtual learning and video – conferencing platforms, the show went on and students & parents came to accept this new medium of learning. The Next Learning Platform is one such tool that facilitates ‘live lectures’ and allows teachers to create a school-like environment despite being connected via WiFi and electronic devices. The Next Learning Platform has collaborated with International Schools all over the world, including the UAE and GCC Countries. This leading ed-tech provider is striving to make classrooms 21st-century ready through the globe, including the Middle East/UAE, India and other Asian countries.

Just like the physical school classroom has some rules to be followed by both students and teachers, the same discipline must be adhered to when sessions are conducted via virtual mediums. The seriousness of the lecture & its effectiveness depends on how well the sessions are conducted and whether the rules are communicated to the children well in advance. In short, educators need to follow certain ‘netiquettes’ in order to smoothly deliver lesson plans to students of all age groups.

Create or Find the Correct Background

The purpose of a clear background is to ensure that there are no unwanted distractions which disturb the students and takes their attention away from you. Choose to conduct the meeting against a wall that has a single-color tone and is preferably of lighter shade; like white, beige, or sea blue. A combination of aesthetics & functionality must be considered while opting for the background. Some video conferencing apps have the feature of setting-up a virtual background. Choose one that is plain and simple, rather than going for a funky background.

Be Comfortable & Set-up the Workplace

The position of the laptop and the adjustment of its camera matters the most. Ensure that the laptop is placed on a steady surface. You shouldn’t have to strain yourself or lean forward while taking a 2-3 hours class online. Sit comfortably and adjust the distance of the chair from the screen at a position where your upper body (shoulder) is clearly visible. If you have teaching aids or materials that need to be shown during class, keep them at arm’s length near you.

Dress Appropriately

Just because you are at home, doesn’t mean you can wear anything you feel like, for the online class. Wear neat formal clothes that are ironed well and comb your hair properly before conducting class. Wear light make-up or apply some lip gloss to feel fresh and have a professional disposition.


Understand the Lighting

Too much glare on the screen will overexpose the teaching-aids and not be visible to the students. On the other hand, poor lighting will cause the screen to look dark and divert the child’s attention, rather than focusing on studies. To find a best spot, turn on the lights in your home and carry the laptop around to check which space enables a perfect lighting. If there is a source of natural light, then you might want to sit close to a window to invite appropriate background lighting.

Sit in a Silent Room

Instead of going live from your living room, where other family members might tend to walk-in and out to run errands, choose a silent room where there is no disturbance. A study room is the best space and you could even lock the door to avoid video trespassing. Another tip is to avoid running washing-machine cycles during class hours and instruct your household help to ‘not’ turn on the mixer grinder when class is ongoing

Mute Microphone

When Not Talking If you have to excuse yourself for any reason, make sure you mute the microphone and pardon yourself for a minute or two. Keep your phones on silent and do not answer it during live class sessions. Only urgent calls can be attended to, after excusing yourself. When a child is answering a question, do not interrupt and use your admin rights to mute other students, including yourself.

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