Are eBooks more beneficial to kids than printed books

This is an interesting and an extremely relevant question that we have raised. Isn’t it? Although there can never be a definite ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as an answer. It is quite a debatable topic of the modern age. So, we have addressed it here and we bring to you our thoughts and take on this subject. Of course, it is a personal choice at the end of the day and one is free to choose and consume whatever they prefer and are comfortable with and that makes them happy.

It is said that when you love something, it really does not matter how the exterior is or in what medium it may come along. We are sure that bookworms will vouch for this. You give them a book and they will be immersed in it, cosily tucked away in their favourite reading spot. That is the power and the delight of reading. A person who enjoys reading and derives their happiness from books, will opt for any book whether in digital or print form. Reading is a wonderful activity and if the habit is inculcated early in kids, it expands their knowledge and shapes them in many brilliant ways.

The excited feeling of holding a book in hand is immense. The distinct sweet scent of the pages begin to waft through the air. An attractive cover, an impactful tagline, and illustrative pictures inside, catch the attention of children and adults alike and arouses their interest and motivates them to pick up that book. Not that an electronic book or an eBook does not have similar features but the presence of a physical book is remarkable. Thus, we cannot undermine or negate the importance of an actual book.

However, with progressing times, one has to adapt, evolve, and move ahead into a future that is promisingly digital around the world. Take Dubai, the UAE, or the Middle East for example. The digital revolution and the technological advancement they have made over the years is outstanding. An eBook is a small but a very significant component of present-day technology that millions avail across the globe. The benefits that are obtained with reading in a digital format as an eBook are enormous.

The common sentiment amongst most parents is that exposing children to the digital screen can be detrimental to their eyes. Hence, parents do not wish to encourage a lot of that and go for hard core books instead for their children. We would say that even reading printed books for long hours can be strenuous as well for them. Hence, parents must allocate the right amount of screen time for their kids. Once that is achieved, the additional benefits can be gained by kids through the use of the digital platform. Let us look at a few plus points eBooks have to offer and we have listed them below.

No space constraint

A printed book is literally something that you have at home on the shelf that occupies space and is often bulky when you carry it around during travel. This does not apply for eBooks as they are stored digitally in one’s electronic devices that have multiple utility beyond reading.

Accessibility across electronic mediums

An eBook can be accessed across several electronic devices such as a computer, laptop, mobile or a tablet. There are many sites and apps that offer plenty of eBooks to read just with a simple subscription. So, it becomes very easy to download books and read them comfortably indoors or when you are on the go.

Fast search and availability

You step into a bookstore or a library and you have to manually look for your favourite book. It could even be off the shelf as it may have been sold out since the number of copies a seller may retail per book would be limited. With eBooks there is no such disappointment. Any eBook can be searched easily in a few seconds online with the wide range of content present and the same book can be accessed by multiple people with their individual subscriptions. The Highlights Library App is one such e-reading App that is extremely user-friendly & is designed for early learners, available in UAE and all around the world.

Retrieval made easy

There is no hassle when you store your data electronically. Even if by human error you happen to delete or lose your eBook, you have an option to download and save it again immediately and access it multiple times and use it as ready reference any time. The Highlights e-library is easily accessible and stores over 1,000 books by noteworthy author’s for children.

Animated Clips and Videos

When print books cannot go beyond still images, the digital platform comes with its perks. Kids enjoy eBooks that have creative video content along with text. Occasionally animated clips and fascinating videos are inserted in these eBooks by the authors and publishers to make it a fulfilling experience for the reader. Highlights Library available in the Middle East, including Dubai and GCC countries, presents post-reading activities such as, quizzes, to test the child’s retention and make reading meaningful.

Audio Books

With digitalization, today you can not only read an eBook but also have the facility to listen to one which is an audio book. They have become hugely popular with the youth these days. Just access the eBook through your preferred platform, put on the audio, sit back, and relax and listen to the content or you could even be doing household chores, exercising, or travelling simultaneously while being plugged in or using speakers if required. You could either be a quintessential reader or a smart tech savvy reader. The choice is yours.

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