Virtual Reality Lessons by Kai’s Clan is Changing the Way Kids Learn

Coding is a way trendy hotspot among students these days. Nowadays, the schools have shifted towards learning based on STEM approach.

This is helping children by keeping them abreast with technology. Inclination towards VR learning had increased these days. Before moving ahead, let’s have an idea about Virtual Reality (VR).


What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a technique through which the user gets a touch base with the 3D world. We can say the user of this technology gets a chance to connect with the 3D world. The computer acts as a storehouse of senses like touch, view, and listening.

This computer-based technology creates a 3D image that serves as a medium to connect with the user by using tools like helmets or gloves with sensors attached to them.

How does Virtual Reality help students?

Virtual Reality is a perfect combo of fun and learning for the students. VR offers a complete and better learning experience to the children. It doesn’t matter how old the child is, VR amuses just about everyone. We have penned down a few benefits of Virtual Reality:

  1. It is aptly said that practical knowledge is the best in comparison to book knowledge. From VR, the teachers can impart practical experiences to the student daily without stepping out of the classroom.
  2. Curbing distractions leads to more attentive learning, thereby increasing knowledge.
  3. As we know today kids, are techno-lovers; this ensures total engagement. Therefore, the kids learn faster when they are amused by the virtual wonders.
  4. Learning becomes easy, and the concepts that seem rather difficult, are easily understood by involving VR-based approaches.
  5. The retention capacity of the children gets enhanced, as they recall experiences more than they remembers definitions from a textbook.

What is Kai’s Clan?

Kai’s Clan is a coding and robotic base platform where students can connect anywhere in the world. It is the world’s most conversant medium to learn coding by the students from various parts of the world. It is like a virtual playground for the children, which keeps them glued, offering an extraordinary learning style.

The coding is done through robots using virtual 3D spaces which makes the learners more zealous. Therefore, terming Kai’s Clan as a yellow robot is not enough. It is much more beyond that. Countries like Dubai, GCC, Middle East, and UAE use this modern learning style to break the traditional gateways to impart knowledge among students.

Kai’s Clan associative feature to access variegated locations because of its multiple cloud platform makes it a popular learning forum.

Kai’s Clan Lessons:

  1. Mars Discovery: These are fun graphics depicting Mars. Students show up as a team, and develop strategies to visit the virtual planet.
  2. Automated Warehouse: The adventure mat is a blend of AR, VR, and 3D learning. It gives clarity on logistics and warehousing. Thus, having access to the current gadget. It is crafted for hassle-free handling. Easy to use, keep, and lasts long.
  3. Smart City: Smart people think smartly. Like the Automated Warehouse mat, smart city is yet another activity powered by VR, AR, and 3D data. Through the use of sensors and smart reasoning, it assists in answering futuristic questions. It allows smart city coding lessons through reasoning and planning. It is also compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  4. Rescue Run: The Rescue Run AR VR mat renders a fun-based gaming experience. It ignites scientific and logical reasoning. Action struck activities like ‘Capture the Flag’ is the show stopper of this learning program. Thus we conclude, the only way for children to learn coding is through the playful methodology.

Are Kai’s Clan Virtual lessons beneficial?

Students who show keen interest in virtual lesson, learn a great deal, although, it is looked upon as a part of the entertainment. It gives them a break from bookish knowledge and gives them the opportunity to have an immersive learning experience.

The amusement of landing into outer space or defeating a team of co-learners across the globe at a Virtual game-like project, is doubled thanks to Kai’s Clan. The child’s creative thinking capacities are stimulated and his imagination takes wings. It also helps overcome some language barrier and challenges old-school cultural biases & beliefs. No matter from whichever place you dwell, learning is unstoppable with Kai’s Clan.

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