Teaching Children to Take Care of Our Environment through the 3D Ecosystem Diversity Kit by Carolina

Science Education is known to cultivate certain qualities in children such as key life skills. It develops an ability to communicate, remain organized and focused and form their own opinions through observation. It also helps them with collaborative skills, teamwork, logical reasoning and analytical skills.

Some schools in developed countries such as the USA and UAE including GCC have begun opening up new channels of education for children regarding our planet so they can have a more nature-friendly future and be ecologically responsible.

One such way is the introduction of Ecosystem Diversity Kits. These Ecosystem Diversity Kits take students on an exploration of what living things need to survive in their particular environments.

Here are some ways they can prove to be very valuable in a classroom:

Teaches the children to cooperate

Children, from an early age, need to learn to be able to work together to succeed at and achieve greater things. With the Ecosystem Diversity Kit, children can study and observe cooperative skills in nature first-hand. From a colony of ants having designated roles to function better as a society, to humans working together to build structures to live in, cooperation is an intrinsic part of nature. Pooling in each individual’s qualities to finish work quicker will better their chance at success than a single person doing all the work. Hence instilling the values of cooperation amongst children will go a long way in shaping them into responsibly inclusive members of the society.

Gives them a wider understanding of nature and our planet

Global warming, once a problem thought to have been for the future has become a real part of our lives today. We experience it in every season and with the rising temperatures, it is a big threat to our planet. The younger generation can learn from the past and try to live in a more nature-friendly manner utilizing and cultivating certain methods for a more ecologically conscious life. This can be achieved by the Ecosystem Diversity Kits as they will help in understanding how an ecosystem functions in its natural habitat, what part humans play in conserving it or damaging it and how global warming can affect its conditions.

Opens them up to responsibility

Ecosystem Diversity Kits provide children with hands-on learning of plant life and how they contribute to the animals that depend on them for survival. Teaching them to grow and water a plant will help them understand the need for responsibility for a life. Watering the plants from time to time will help realize the benefit of having a schedule. Like raising a pet or a child, plants need to be cared for and looked after, all while learning the benefits of planting more trees to combat the effects of global warming. Ecosystem Diversity Kits can be a good segue from learning about plants to taking care of them and in turn realizing their worth.

Provide an ecologically conscious future

An ecosystem is the living and non-living things that interact with one another in a specific area. Within ecosystems are smaller habitats, which are the places where living things can meet their basic needs but due to certain human practices such as deforestation, pollution and burning fossil fuels, these ecosystems are at a high risk. While some parts of societies are doing what they can to repair this damage, such as Turkey in the Middle East is globally ranked # 8 for its use of renewable energy, others are not taking this concern seriously. Rising temperatures and the rising sea levels are two sides of the same coin. It is important that we teach the children the importance of an ecologically conscious future for the world.

Learning life skills and problem-solving skills

Through the hands-on experience that the students will have, they will be able to better understand the mechanism involved in a fully functional ecosystem. They will understand how each plant, each animal and each insect play a vital role for the entire ecosystem. A good example of this being the process of pollination and germination in flowers through insects. Children will cultivate the necessary qualities for the real world such as logical thinking, patience, determination and analytical understanding, all of which will benefit them in the future.

A modernized method of teaching will greatly benefit the children including their imagination, understanding and appreciation of the world we live in and the nature we depend upon. Ecosystem Diversity Kits are the next step to cultivating and pointing budding, new and fresher minds to only the stream of scientific study but also for a more responsible tomorrow and a greener world. The Sustainable City in Dubai, is one of the best examples for a greener, more nature-friendly future. We need young minds to innovate and create such incredible ideas into reality and the Building Blocks of Science® 3D: Ecosystem Diversity (©2019) kit is the first step to ensuring that such a future becomes our collective reality.

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